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Coping with COVID: Livestreaming for Artists

Coping with COVID Livestreaming for ArtistsTuesday, March 31, 4pm-5pm – Online Workshop

This workshop is presented by Creative Capital and produced for the HowlRound platform. In this uncertain time, many artists are left with no outlet for their creative practice. The liveness of theater/performance, in person exhibitions, and screenings could never be replaced. However, there is a whole world within the platform of live-streaming that can provide an alternate frame of experience that carries with it (especially now) a great amount of community, freedom, vulnerability, solidarity, and possibility. Whether it’s translating a previous work onto a live-stream platform, creating new content within this digital venue, or using it as a way to process or workshop a feeling, place or idea, this panel will asses how live-streaming can serve as a powerful tool for artists that are currently looking for ways to maintain their artistic practice and livelihood.