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“Never Ending Moment” Video Art Exhibition Opening Reception at the ArtLink Gallery

Never Ending Moment Video Art ExhibitionSaturday, April 13, 7-10pm – The ArtLink Gallery, 130 NW 36th Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

The Art Link Gallery is pleased to present Never Ending Moment, curated by Angela Valella, comprised of in depth video work by seven artists. The artists, some with work being shown for the first time, include video in their practice as well as other mediums. The show, composed of a chain of nonlinear episodes, include eight video works that form the core of the show. The gallery, divided into two empty rooms connected by a hallway, is organized in a series of discrete scenarios that occupy the non-homogenized space. In all cases, video predominates perhaps as a result of the medium’s durational loop format. However, the works evidence an emphasis on process; rather than stage an argument about a subject, the show highlights various strategies related to the looping, non-ending, unfinished nature of events, and the incomplete registration of them.  The videos depict laboriously hauling pieces in a system of possibilities. The work is evidence of a performance, a product of how we spend time. Schiller declares that “Man is only human when he plays”, the estimation of what we can do based on a fictional organization of time states a complicated promise. Exhibition runs until Saturday May 11th, 2013.