Broward County Performing Arts

Las Olas 420 Music & Arts Festival

Las Olas 420 Music & Arts FestivalFriday, April 20, 8pm-3am – Two&, 1517 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

Join the Annual Las Olas 420 Music & Arts Festival Friday April 20th 2018 at TWO&. Party with 10 bands on Two Stages. Plus you can win $100 cash and a bunch of goodies in blunt rolling contest. Each contestant receives a Philly blunt. You have 1 minute to cut the blunt (all this must be done by hand no tools) take out the fill of tobacco and prepare the outside of the blunt to roll . We remove half of the tobacco fill and leave the other half for you to grind and tear-down. You will get another 30 seconds for that . Then the first person to roll a smokable blunt wins.