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Hennessy V.S Celebrates Latin Music, Art & Culture

Hennessy V.S Celebrates Latin Music, Art & CultureThursday, April 25, 11pm – 3am – Miguel Paredes Fine Are Gallery, 173 NW 23rd Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Hennessy, the number one selling Cognac brand in the world, celebrated its successful “Wild Rabbit” campaign alongside some of the top talent in Latin culture. Centered on the notion that true greatness is reserved for those who have reached a level of mastery yet still push the limits of their potential, the “Wild Rabbit” program draws parallels among the journeys of leading icons in various fields and the paths being forged by Hennessy aficionados.  On the biggest night of Latin music in Miami, Hennessy celebrated Latin arts and culture with Panamanian hip-hop duo Los Rakas, legendary Soulfrito DJ Collective, the “godfather of Nuevo Latino cuisine” Chef Douglas Rodriguez and visual artist Miguel Paredes and their quests to never stop, never settle.

Before Miami native Chef Douglas Rodriguez became the “Godfather of nuevo Latino cuisine,” he was a young chef working on Lincoln Road looking for a dedicated sous chef, and Miguel Paredes happened to know something about cooking. Now, nearly 30 years later and after climbing to the top of their respective professions, Paredes and Rodriguez teamed up again to help Hennessy celebrate Latin music and culture.

For the 3rd year in row, Paredes had been commissioned by the Latin Billboards to create artwork for the event as its official artist. The New York native paid his dues over years of putting everything he had into his “wild rabbit,” a term he uses to refer to the culmination of one’s dreams and the pinnacle of success. He became a staple of the Miami art scene even before opening his Wynwood gallery in 2010.

Hennessy was first introduced to Latin America in 1860 when the first shipment of Cognac was made to Mexico. Hennessy’s relationship with Latino culture continued to flourish beyond Latin America and into the U.S. Hispanic community through unwavering support of arts and culture.

In addition to meatballs with Hennessy mushroom sauce, dishes like lobster coconut ceviche, perfectly cooked chorizo on slider rolls and chicken empanadas made their way around a packed art studio. DJ Laz helped host the event and music was provided by the Soulfrito collective and Los Rakas. Perhaps the most poignant guests wore gaudy but elegant costumes by designer/artist Olga Saretsky from her Mikimora studio’s “High Fashion Circus.” Specialty Hennessy drinks like blueberry mojitos and a dangerously subtle sangria Hennessy cocktail were free flowing as guests mingled and mangled until around 3 a.m.
Pictures by: photoActiva