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Risk Transformed: The Celebration of a New Community

Risk Transformed The Celebration of a New CommunitySunday, June 9, 3pm-6pm – 1310 Gallery, 1310 SW 2nd Court, Fort Lauderdale

Transforming Risk is about redefining what stands in the way of you living the life you want.  Join them at their closing celebration. Meet some of the community who have answered questions, and look at how the space has changed. Join Transforming Risk as they share resources and information to help you take a risk. Nothing you’ve been taught in school prepares you for the world we’re in now. All the personal growth in the world doesn’t prevent the pain of a broken heart. Sometimes, the only sure thing in your life is the feeling that things could be better. May 18, TR took a risk and opened the show with an empty 3-floor gallery. See what’s there now, and see how they’ve built a safe haven out of risk.