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Afrika Bambaataa and UZN-Miami’s 20th Anniversary and Fundraiser

Afrika Bambaataa and UZN-Miami's 20th Anniversary and FundraiserSaturday, June 15, 9pm-3amPAX (Performing Arts Exchange), 337 SW 8th Street, Miami

Join the 20th Anniversary and Fundraiser to support The Local Chapter’s work in the community featuring Miami’s most respected living legends and the best contemporary practioners representing DJ’ing, MC’ing, breaking, graffiti art and Florida’s own human beat boxer along with food, drinks, family, community and fun. Expected is a wide cross-section of attendees that will, no doubt, revel in the moment when authentic hip hop culture and a “music” legend credited with developing the electro style that helped pave the way for other genres such as house, bass, trance, techno and EDM will hit the stage along with a wonderful program filled with the best artists in Miami representing for authentic hip hop in the 305.  $15 advanced tickets purchase.