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Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade & Festival 2017

Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade & Festival 2017 April 7 – 9, Lummus Park, Ocean Dr, Miami Beach

Miami Beach Gay Pride is an extraordinary three-day event that features a Beach Party and a Festival & Parade with more than 125 LGBT-friendly vendors and businesses, exciting celebrities, musical performances, refreshments, food and a family-friendly play area. Since its inception in 2009, Miami Beach Gay Pride has grown from a neighborhood event to an event on the global stage with A-list celebrities such as Mario Lopez, Elvis Duran, Iggy Azalea, Jordin Sparks, Gloria Estefan and Adam Lambert. Attendance has grown as well. An estimated 15,000 spectators turned out for the first Pride parade in 2009; an estimated 130,000 attended the event in 2016. In addition to Parade spectators, last April’s event included more than 70 parade contingencies, 35 floats and 3,000 participants.

Miami Beach Gay Pride will pay tribute to the victims, families and friends of the PULSE Nightclub shooting by orchestrating “Pride Lights the Night” where buildings throughout the greater Miami area will light up awash in the colors of the Pride rainbow flag. Properties will also participate by flying the rainbow flag on the exterior of their structures. “Pride Lights the Night” will take place after sunsets on April 7, 8 and 9, with all of the buildings participating Saturday night. #MiamiBeachGayPride @MiamiBeachPride