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Vintage Works Car Show in Sunrise

Vintage Works Car Show in SunriseSaturday, July 27, 11am-3:30pm – Markham Park, 16001 West State Road 84, Sunrise

Vintage Works has teamed up with Ted Vernon’s “South Beach Classics” for one of the largest car shows in South Florida. As sponsors of the “No Texting and Driving” campaign, Vintage Works will be bringing awareness to the cause while exhibiting all types of automobiles, ranging from classic cars to high-end luxury vehicles. Ted “Wolfman” Vernon of Ted Vernon Specialty Autos Inc. will display some of his own prized automotives, which have been dubbed by The Discovery Channel as some of the “most unique classic automobiles on the market.” Also being showcased is The Dezer Auto Collection, known as America’s largest eclectic automotive collection. Dezer will be presenting part of their James Bond Collection, featuring cars used in the epic James Bond movie series. With the glamorous display of luxury vehicles, the Vintage Works car show is helping to bring an end to the deadly habit of texting and driving. According to Governor’s Highway Safety Association, text messaging while driving makes a car crash 23 times more likely. Show admission is $4 per person.