Intense All Inclusive Yacht Experience at Bayfront ParkSaturday, July 27, 10pm – Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami

Motions “Intense” is an event created to bring a fresh new twist to parties amongst the younger generation. Between the Extreme, Ultimate & The All Inclusive Yacht Experience, “Intense” has been designed to bring together a mix of cultures. The event has appealed to Americans, Hispanics and West Indians all the same. They also feature a wide variety of “music”, spun by publicly known to local DJs. The DJs have mastered the art of mixing every genre of music with their funky fresh remixes, keeping “Intense” intensified. Intense strives to promote expression as well as elegance and class. The event is hosted on the illustrious South Beach Lady, one of the largest and sexiest yachts in South Florida. Layered with four floors, the South Beach Lady provides “Intense” guests with two floors to party and one to dine. The yacht departs from beautiful Bayfront Park in Miami, with downtown Biscayne, Miami in the backdrop. “Intense” is not just another – “go to have fun” event, but more of a memorable experience in life. Admission starts at $50