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Peruvian Independence Day Miami Festival 2013

Peruvian Independence Day Miami FestivalSunday, July 28, 10am-9pm – Miami Airport Convention Center, 711 NW 72nd Avenue, Miami

A food festival is the perfect place for a first date because you can converse while satisfying your date’s vital need for liquids, sauces, breads, and meats. Everything changed for Peru on July 28, 1821, when South American leader Jose de San Martin declared independence from Spain. A three-year struggle ensued, but Peru’s freedom was solidified in December of 1824, when Venezuelan Marshall Antonio Jose de Sucre defeated a Spanish army at Ayacucho and ended the Spaniards’ South American rule. Naturally, July 28 has become a day of celebration. In Miami, it takes the form of the Peruvian Independence Day Festival. This annual event brings together the Latin American community and the city at large for a weekend of music, dance, and art; this year, there’s a special focus on traditional Peruvian cuisine. At the food booths, you can sample tamales, fried sweet potatoes, and ceviche and drink a pisco sour. General admission $20.