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Homestead Speedway Mega Meet

Homestead Speedway Mega MeetSunday, August 25, 12pm - Homestead-Miami Speedway, 1 Speedway Blvd.,  Homestead

Join Strasse Forged for one of the years biggest mega meet events as there will be hundreds of spectators along with a ton of vendors showcasing all different kind of high end, high performance, custom and exotic vehicles along with many different products during the sprint races! Come enjoy a day on the speedway while being able to walk through the paddocks and garages to watch the pit crews working on the race cars live! You’ll also be able to sit on the stands and enjoy watching the sprint races while also being able to enjoy a ton of vehicles showcasing all of their unique mods and many vendors showcasing their custom project, race cars, exotics and products as well in the mega meet For more info contact  Info@StrasseForged.com or 305-965-6751.