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Opening Reception of “Duality” by Josafat Miranda

Opening Reception of "Duality" by Josafat MirandaThursday, August 29, 7pm РInstituto Cultural de M̩xico en Miami, 1399 S.W. 1st Avenue, Miami

Instituto Cultural de México en Miami presents “Duality” by Mexico City born artist Josafat Miranda. Playing on the theme of duality — the meeting of two different characters or characteristics found within the same person or thing — Miranda’s works often feature bisected portraits or unexpected pairings set against a stark white background. Think, a baroque marble bust with a desert animal’s skull tied to it as a mask or a human skull with an eye patch that reveals — instead of conceals — flesh, an eye, and an eyebrow. A common adornment in his portraits is a wreath of daisies hanging from the shoulders, often juxtaposed with the grotesque or at the very least, the synthetic. Miranda’s works are created using mixed media, like oil, graphite, ink, and colored pencils, which creates an added subtle contrast within his subjects. His Duality series has been on exhibition since 2010 and this newest collection is partially based on Jean Boudrillard’s book The Perfect Crime.