Miami Beach Tasting Event

Sensory Revolution with Meditation & Wine Tasting

Sensory Revolution with Meditation & Wine TastingTuesday, September 26, 7pm-9pm – Miami Beach Woman’s Club, 2401 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach

When was the last time you drank a glass of wine like it was a nectar of life? This evening you will indulge wines with your whole being. Hosted in a gorgeous historic venue with Moroccan decor, wooden floors, and ceilings, Miami has seen nothing like it – a celebration for You. During meditation experience, you will elevate sensitivity and awareness creating space for the magical world of wines. As you take your first sip and let your senses explode, you will hear the stories about people and places behind the carefully selected wines. Atmosphere, company, beautiful setting with candles and flowers, all for you to enjoy and savor each moment, each sip. You will leave bewildered and full of the unlocked life energy. Revolutionize your senses with this extraordinary meditation and wine experience.