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Lovers Movement Presents #Operation 7th Golden Age

Lovers Movement Presents #Operation 7th Golden AgeFriday, September 27, 6pm – Sushi Samba, 600 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Lovers Movement will be hosting a demonstration/still performance piece for absolute world peace and infinite truth. “Humanity has done a great job so far in waking up and combining efforts to create a world of prosperity. However, there is still much work to be done. Now that the masses have lifted the veil on political injustice, it is time to lift the veils of deeper truths.  It is time to take this a step further. It is time to really wake up. You are here now for a reason and deep down we all feel this undeniable truth. You are here to be a part of the change. You are here to be a part of a global group of people who will lead our world into the Utopia that we all want it to be. You are a leader, you are powerful, and you can make a difference.” Lovers Movement will gather OUTSIDE of Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road. There will be signs, so all you have to do is show up with your awesome energy. There will be anonymous masks and a face painter who will be doing tribal designs. This will be a filmed performance piece/demonstration. Afterwards the family is going to hang out, connect, and enjoy each others company.  Join on the adventure for world peace, connecting, and coming together in love and faith!