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Taverna Opa Hollywood’s 15 Year Anniversary Party

Taverna Opa 15 Year AnniversaryFriday, October 4, 7pm-11pm – Taverna Opa, 410 North Ocean Drive, Hollywood

Taverna Opa Hollywood – already know for great food, great atmosphere and a lot of fun – 15th anniversary celebration was no exception. The evening featured DJ, live percussionist, belly dancers, zorba dancing, fire show, and Greek Gods! Opa emphasize in the traditional combination of great Greek food, following the unique Greek recipes from back home in Greece along with celebration.

A veteran restaurateur, Peter Tsialiamanis opened the Taverna Opa in Hollywood in 1998. He envisioned the restaurant as the embodiment of the Greek spirit of Opa – a gathering place for guests to celebrate the basic elements of life – good, simple food, drinks and music enjoyed with family and friends. That vision holds true today, and the combination of “Ouzo Meze and Celebration” gave wings to one of the fastest growing and highly successful restaurant concepts in South Florida.

The combination of great food and celebration created a new meaning for the concept of dining. A different approach that energizes and gives the diner a different dimension of entertainment. Previous dining norms are broken, spirits are lifted, with every single broken plate and every single napkin in the air. The symbioses of traditional with modern is what Taverna Opa promotes as the most rapidly expanding concept in the United States.