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Felix Gonzalez-Torres in Context: Social Activism & Personal Sharing

Felix Gonzalez-Torres in Context Social Activism & Personal SharingThursday, October 3, 7:30pm – De la Cruz Collection, 23 NE 41st Street, Miami Design District

This is the third presentation of the series Among Friends, personal memories of Carlos Alfonzo, Ana Mendieta and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, by artist César Trasobares. This illustrated talk will highlight moments of the the life and work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres.  Trasobares will discuss personal conversations and anecdotes of the time he spent with Felix in Miami and as neighbors in New York’s West Village. During those years they shared experiences and viewpoints on contemporary society and the role of visual artists in our evolving culture. Biographical details of Felix’s life and works will be included, from his early years in Spain after leaving Cuba to his arrival in Puerto Rico and later move to New York. Trasobares will show images of the works Gonzalez-Torres made in South Florida, including, Untitled (Sand), 1993, photogravures of footprints on the sand of Miami Beach and his billboards with images of flying vultures in the Miami sky. These lectures will be included in Trasobares’ upcoming book, Among Friends. Felix Gonzalez-Torres was born in Guaimaro, Cuba in 1957.  He died in Miami, Florida in 1996.

RSVP: or 305-576-6112