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Storytime at the Broken Shaker

Storytime at the Broken ShakerTuesday, October 8, 9pm-11pm – Broken Shaker at the Freehand Miami, 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach

Join for drinks and story to become a Whistleblower for Peace and hear how the journey began, from founder Sean Carasso.
Years ago, Sean Carasso traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo, on a shoe drop with TOMS.  He’d also worked with Invisible Children and so he was aware of the overriding violent nature of the chaos that is Congo. Just by pure happenstance did he come upon a village of children hiding from abduction, which led him to five young boys living a tortured existence in an illegal military prison.  What he discovered was that many young children are taken by the Congolese army and sent to the front lines to meet with rebels, with only a whistle to warn of intruders and have their lives taken from them. It was then that Falling Whistles was born, currently a quickly growing non-profit based on the idea that we are all, and can be, Whistleblower for Peace.  The non-profit sells whistles as a symbol of the war in Congo and a tool to stimulate the national dialogue.  All profits from the whistles go towards rehabilitating and advocating for the freedom of children who are victims of the system in Congo.