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Jimbo’s 84th Birthday Party

Jimbo's 84th Birthday PartySunday, April 10, 12pm-5pm – Jimbo’s Place, 4201 Rickenbacker Cswy., Virgina Key

Every year in mid-April, Jimbo (also known as Bubba Luznar) celebrates his birthday with a party on a Sunday afternoon. Bring a birthday card and a good cigar for Jimbo on his birthday; bring something to eat, something to drink; bring a friend. Come celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on Virginia Key.

Savvy locals know about it. Tourists find it on the internet. Movie producers and photographers know it as one of the best locations in town. A little shrimp shack at the end of the road in Virginia Key, Jimbo’s is a place on the water where everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of unspoiled South Florida — without paying a dime. While the rest of Miami is undergoing rapid development, Jimbo’s Place has managed to remain the same for the past five decades.

Come appreciate the last place left at the end of the road where everyone is welcome. A genuine, original Florida establishment where you’re free to do whatever you want, or nothing at all. In this fast-paced world, we know that everything changes. If you might appreciate the simple pleasure of enjoying an old-fashioned, down-home, plain old unpretentious place like Jimbo’s, come salute his 57 years on Virginia Key, and 84 years on earth.