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Rodolfo Agrella’s Mural Unveiling at Silverspot Cinema

Rodolfo Agrella's Mural Unveiling at Silverspot CinemaWednesday, February 6,  6pm-8pm – Silverspot Cinema, 300 SE 3rd Street, Miami

Silverspot Cinema Downtown hosted a preview cocktail reception to unveil their exciting new custom commissioned mural “monochrome exercises: body of water” by world-renowned designer Rodolfo Agrella. With “monochrome exercise” Agrella has designed a demonstrative homage to the ever-moving source of energy: the ocean.

The piece is composed of a continuum of sensitized cut-out surfaces, masterfully connected by color planes that mutate when the passerby’s view and the Miami’s sun converge across the almost 600 square feet of surface extension. Bold shapes that overlap and fold on top of the walls and ceilings, as if they are waves conquering the shore, are depicted with a strict monochromatic palette.  Used to enhance the play of shadows and volume, it’s a refined method to express multiple transparencies of the lush and dynamism that distinguish the Tropics and Agrella’s work. 

Along with the mural, Agrella will also present a small exhibition of additional monochrome exercise works on the third floor of the theater. The exhibition will run through Feb 15, 2019.