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Vampire Circus Presents “Tales Of A Graveyard Clown” at Colony Theatre

Vampire Circus Presents Tales Of a Graveyard Clown at Colony TheatreOctober 17 – 20 – Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Every October on the verge of Halloween, the Graveyard Clown awakens the Vampire Circus troop in Miami to seek new souls to join the circus of the dead. From the darkness of the Transylvania valleys, the Vampire Circus emerges with its newest terror passage “Tales of a Graveyard Clown.” The show is an immersive ride through the Underworld of the Dead showcasing vampires, crazy clowns, demon scarecrows, devilish ghouls and other monster surprises. Mortal spectators will experience horrific feats of cirque acrobatics, tantalizing sounds, mesmerizing illusions and catapulted into an emotional rollercoaster of fear and joy, laugher, wonder and raving cheers for a Mad Graveyard Clown…
The story is based on a clown who sells his soul in exchange for fame and fortune while his punishment is being trapped in purgatory for eternity. His deep-sleep state is broken by the laughter of children who play around the cemetery while singing nursery rhymes and sharing the Tales of a Graveyard Clown. It is then when he brings to life a well-orchestrated Vampire Circus who unleashes a concert of unforeseen events, acts, feats, actions and promises of horrific fun while having only one motive of stealing innocent souls.
Graveyard Show is recommended for children 8 years of age and older. For the security of your soul, costumes are not allowed.