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An Archaeology of Spanglish at Artrageous Gallery

An Archaeology of Spanglish at Artrageous GalleryFriday, October 25, 7pm-10pm – Artrageous Gallery, 330 San Lorenzo Avenue, Coral Gables

Artrageous Gallery presents a one man show featuring Rafiño and his voice in An Archaeology of Spanglish. The exhibit offers new insight into the process of migration—particularly Cuban migration— touching upon issues of identity, by describing the conditions of emergence and transformation of Spanglish as a socio-linguistic phenomenon. This process is described by the artist by way of a detour through the concept of translation articulated by the photograph. The photographic moment encompasses both a slowing down and an acceleration of the past into the future. The very assemblage of the exhibit describes the process of migrating. The exhibit unfolds in a threefold manner: territorialization, which is the installation of the 30 pieces or assemblages that constitute the exhibit’s body in Soya & Pomodoro as a site-specific installation creating a space, a territory. Deterritorialization is the process of undoing, disassembling the site-specific installation and its relation to the space it opened—its territory. Reterriorialization is the last process which focuses on the reassembling of the assemblages that constituted the site-specific installation in a new space; Artrageous Gallery. Reterrioliazation: recombining them, letting them enter into new relations, constituting a-new assemblage, creating a-new territory, opening up a new space-territorialization. Not only will you see the much anticipated conclusion to An Archeology of Spanglish in Rafiño’s show but you will have the opportunity to meet and greet the artist behind the canvas.