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The Story of Rey Mambo Screening

The Story of Rey Mambo ScreeningTuesday, November 12, 7pm – Miami Design Preservation League, 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

The evening will begin with a screening of the first Visual Memoirs video “It was paradise and we didn’t even know it”: The story of Miami Beach as told by those who lived it. That will be followed by a present presentation of the projects second year production. This video is based on an oral history of Marvin Baumel, a.k.a., Rey Mambo, bandleader of a group featuring Latin music. Mr. Baumel will speak and answer questions following the video presentation. The video was created in conjuction with a teacher’s guide to be used in middle schools. Rey’s story was chosen as the subject of the video for this age group because he arrived on Miami Beach when he was middle school age and embraced cultural differences, which allowed him to create a new identity for himself. Mr. Baumel came to Miami Beach in 1938 at age 13. He attended junior high and high school on Miami Beach. Rey was interviewed as part of the Miami Beach Visual Memoirs Project. His full interview will be available online in Florida International University’s Digital Library. This project is brought to you by: Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority, Miami Design Preservation League, and Close-Up Productions.