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Bright Minds Film Festival 2013

Bright Minds Film Festival 2013Tuesday, November 26, 8pm - The Colony Theater, Lincoln Road, Maimi Beach

A group of talented and pioneering film and entertainment professionals debuted a series of short independent films they produced on location in South Florida at the inaugural “Bright Minds Film Festival”, at The Colony Theater on Lincoln Road. Guests joined for a screenings of six short films: “Alone”, “Eternal Emotions”, “Happiness”, “One Life”, “The Perfect Stroke” and “Cueva de Ilusiones”. The films were either in English, Spanish or Portuguese, with subtitles in English. The organizers goal is to create new annual independent short film festival platform that will showcase the talent of local, national and international professionals on a competitive basis; hoping that it will contribute to putting Miami in the map as a hub for the arts, culture and entertainment.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be able to share the work of our team with others in our community,” said Jose Alexzander, Bright Minds Film Festival Director and one of the featured film’s directors. “We hope to use this unique platform to showcase other budding filmmakers, producers and artists in the future,” added Alexzander.

All of the films share a common theme about human relationships and important life decisions. They were all either directed or produced by the festival co-founders and filmmakers, who not only share in common impressive backgrounds and talent, but also a passion for the art of filmmaking. The leading team includes: Jose Alexzander, Elda Medina, Omar Jimenez, Carola Parmejano, Gui Agustini and Christina Jolie Breza, all of whom played different roles in the production of the six films, which were made with budgets of under $3,000 each.