Miami Beach Tasting Event

Tequila Tasting at W Wine Boutique Miami Beach

Saturday, April 16, 2-5pm – W Wine Boutique, 1328 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Please join us this Saturday 2-5 pm at our South Beach location, for a celebration of modern invention and traditional artisan methods. And of course, to drink some Tequila!

Tanteo Naturally-Infused Artisan Tequilas take pure blanco tequila from 100% Weber blue agave and then infuses it with jalapeno, chocolate or tropical fruit extracts. Flavored tequila was previously prohibited by the CRT, but in 2006 the rules surrounding the infusion of tequilas with various flavors was relaxed allowing for the production of these drinks. The fact that the CRT have relaxed their laws shouldn’t be indication that people can do what the hell they want with tequila, and Tanteo takes a great first step and the results are a high quality product that is both delicious and still respects the tequila in the process.

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