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‘Framing The Moving Image’ at the Art Hotel Sagamore

‘Framing The Moving Image’ at the Art Hotel SagamoreThursday, November 21, 7pm-8:30pm - Sagamore Hotel, 1671 Cillins Avenue, Miami Beach

John Hanhardt and Silvia Karman Cubiñá, executive director and chief curator of the Bass Museum of Art, hosted a private event, co-hosted by Mrs. Taplin. Together, Hanhardt and Cubiñá discussed the current direction of media art, and specifically, ‘Framing The Moving Image’, in an “Art Talk” at the Sagamore Hotel.

The exhibition explores the way artists capture, compose and represent traditions and histories, as well as the changing material landscapes – locally and globally – through the moving image. ‘Framing The Moving Image’ will open to the public at Sagamore, The Art Hotel, during Art Basel Miami Beach 2013, providing an opportunity for guests to experience and to view this new installation of innovative film, video and performance art, among other select works.

The entire installation was curated by John Hanhardt, world renowned film and media art curator, and embraces the diverse styles and genres from the avant-gardes, beginning with 1950s and 1960s, to contemporary reflections of present media landscape that will highlight the variety of practices shaping today’s art world. In addition to media art, Mr. Hanhardt has selected, as part of the installation, several photographs from The Cricket Taplin Collection.