Miami Wynwood Arts District

De Nolet Presented by Ketel One Vodka

De Nolet Presented by Ketel One VodkaDecember 5 – 7, De Nolet, 75 NW 24th Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Discover De Nolet presented by KETEL ONE® Vodka, each night offering a different experience, inspired by the authenticity and craftsmanship of KETEL ONE® Vodka. Enjoy crafted cocktails from Bar Lab and video art within an unprecedented environment each and every night. RSVP to more than one event to ensure you’re able to discover all that De Nolet has to offer.

Thursday, December 5th
Shaun El C. Leonardo is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses self-portraiture as a means to convey the complexities of his own masculine identity.
2-6 pm: Performative training session
DJs: Florencia 2pm-4pm, Pirate Stereo 4pm-6pm

Friday, December 6th
RAFT, the world’s first cellphonist, creates innovative visual and sonic performances using a cell phone, loop pedals, musical applications and crowd-sourced material.
2-6 pm: Crowd-sourced performance in an open studio environment
DJs: Prince N Jacob 2pm-4pm, Franco V 4pm-6pm
7-11 pm: Interactive performances with evening guests, video program honouring the Modern Hispanic Gentlemen of Miami
DJs: ESS & EMM 7pm-9pm, Neon Indian 9pm-11pm

Saturday, December 7th
Prince Rama are performance artists who craft unpredictable live shows, incorporating engaging theatrical experiences, rituals and interactive lectures.
2-6 pm: Performative build of the evening set
DJs: Gabby Mejia 2pm-4pm, Michelle von Mandel 4pm-6pm
7-11 pm: Theatrical performance inspired by the art fair
DJs: Illuminati AMS 7pm-9pm, Kyp Malone (TVOTR) 9pm-11pm