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Tap ‘N’ Run Fort Lauderdale

Tap 'N' Run Fort LauderdaleSaturday, December 7, 2pm – 100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale

Tap ‘N’ Run combines a ridiculous running race – a 4k with 3 beer chug stations* along the race course, a full beer at the Finish Line, crazy costumes, great times with friends, and overall ridiculousness. (*chug stations = 5 oz. of beer per). In addition to being a part of an awesome and unique racing experience, all participants will receive a sweet Finisher’s medal (that doubles as a bottle opener), the equivalent of over two beers, a Tap ‘N’ Run t-shirt to commemorate your amazing accomplishment and entry into the Extracurricular Awards Ceremony. Tickets are $35-$59.