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Serendipity 3’s Eyeline Subculter Party

Serendipity 3's Eyeline Subculter PartyTuesday, January 7, 11pm-5am - Serendipity 3, 1102 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Serendipity is proud to host a weekly eyeliner subculture party in the heart of Miami Beach. Enjoy an exclusive dinner menu along with a full bar at this trendy Lincoln Road restaurant. Whether you want to just dine or be a part of the party, this is the perfect spot to experience subcultures from the past and present. Eyeliner Subculture “The Party”, is a celebration of Subcultures and their extremely unique styles in music, fashion and behavior from the past, present and future. Dress-up and extreme makeup is encouraged. List of Subcultures (most of which wear eyeliner and extreme makeup): Flapper, Greaser, Dandy, Zazou, Pin Up, Rockabilly, Hippie, Mod, Punk, Riot Girl, New Romantic, Leather, Geek Chic, Scooterboy, Glam, Model, Otaku, Emo, Harajuku, Scene, Cosplay, Goth, Postpunk, New wave, Cyber, Steam Punk.