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Cam Con 2019

Cam Con 2019May 28 – 31, SLS South Beach, 1701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach
The 6th annual CamCon is delighted to have Studio 20 as the presenting Studio Sponsor for this year’s expo. CamCon is now a part of The Cons, an extraordinary gathering of three premier trade and fan shows –  CamConCannabisConand InkedCon – under one roof!
Studio 20 is the first and largest international live-cam studio franchise in the world. With locations in over five countries, 19 studios worldwide, and over 600 models under the #girlsfromstudio20 brand, Studio20 has established its presence on the market as the biggest player in live-cam studios. The Studio20 story started 19 years ago in Romania, and opened its first franchise in 2015.  The uniqueness of the brand comes from the glamour approach of webcam modeling, as well as being the only studio active in 3 continents.
CamCon, the alternative model conference is now on its 6th year, can expect to see over 300 models this year. CamCon has created a model experience like no other show in the world.  The models are the center of CamCon and every event orbits their entire experience. Models are at CamCon to grow and evolve creating lifelong relationships, with likeminded people.
While these industries have differences, in many ways they overlap.  All three shows are model driven because they are the true industry ambassadors, which is the core value of The Cons. Cam Con will take place at the SLS Hotel’s Bazaar Pool area; Inked Con will be in the Hyde Garden and the Clyde Lounge, while Cannabis Con will be held in the Hyde Pool location. Registered attendees will have access to all three conferences throughout the hotel. #CamCon @camconofficial