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Hampton Art Lovers Opening Reception for Basil Watson’s “Awakening”

Hampton Art Lovers Opening Reception for Basil Watson's "Awakening"Friday, September 27, 6pm-10pm – Historic Ward Rooming House, 249 Northwest 9th Street, Miami

Hampton Art Lovers has the distinct honor of showcasing the sculpture and drawings of Basil Watson. Mr. Watson describes his art as “The harmonious expression of one’s vision of life.” This personal description of his lifelong passion is what defines him. For more than 40 years, he has been translating life’s most important themes – positive emotions and attitudes, the spirit of freedom and spontaneity, strength, beauty, energy and vigor – into finely crafted works of art.

Hampton Art Lovers believes that the human form is often forgotten as a true artistic subject, without the vanity that so often obscures it. Basil Watson reminds us of the inherit artistry in humanity through his amazing ability to capture the human form. For Watson ‘spirits’ lift the human form to life. This is the “Awakening” he illustrates through his work and thus is the title of our exhibition. #HamptonArtLovers