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SeaKeepers “Moon Over Miami” at Villa Vecchia

SeaKeepers Moon Over Miami at Villa VecchiaThursday, February 13, 7pm-11pm – Villa Vecchia, 4821 Pine Tree Dr., Miami Beach

The International SeaKeepers Society hosted annual “Moon Over Miami” celebrating the yachting community during the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show. Renowned for their elegance and exclusivity, SeaKeepers’ events offer corporate partners a chance to reach and network with SeaKeepers’ members and supporters, including prominent yachtsmen, business leaders, philanthropists, celebrities, royalty and other high-net-worth individuals.

Over 200 guests enjoyed an extravagant evening with live music, cocktails and a fabulous silent auction. “Moon Over Miami” is a glamorous event dedicated to furthering the International SeaKeepers Society’s vision to enable the yachting community to take full advantage of their unique potential to advance marine sciences, raise awareness about critical ocean issues, and inspire passion through: significant scientific discovery, educational opportunity, artistic inspiration, and instrumentation.

Guests also enjoyed the SeaKeepers Drifter display, showcasing artistic designs by accomplished artists on multiple Drifter units, to raise awareness about SeaKeepers’ latest ocean monitoring device. Drifters are in situ water monitoring devices that float on the surface of the ocean and extend 15-meters deep into the water column. Drifters provide insight into ocean currents, help researchers identify patterns of marine debris accumulation, assist in hurricane prediction models, and provide uniform quality control for aging satellites.