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LoveFest Miami 2014

LoveFest Miami 2014Friday, February 14, 7:30pm - Bank United Center, 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables

LoveFest Miami 2014 – HIV/AIDS Awareness and Benefit Concert is an annual event that promotes the love for music, love for one another while raising the awareness, prevention, and treatment of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is sweeping South Florida. The focus is providing event-goers with a memorable experience that is filled with high-demand artists and entertainers. They are dedicated to providing affordable events without sacrificing quality. LoveFest Miami was due to the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS cases that is effecting our community. As of June 2013, “Miami – Dade is ranked number one in the nation for the highest number of new AIDS cases per capita in the United States and second in the nation for the number of children with AIDS. This is the second year in the row that Miami Dade is ranked number one. Neighboring county, Broward is ranked second in the nation for the highest number of new AIDS cases. They have partnered with Empower U, Inc. to bring the LoveFest Miami concept to life. Empower “U”’s mission is to empower, educate and promote better health care choices for individuals and families infected with and affected by health disparities, particularly with HIV/AIDS. Empower U also provides testing for sexual transmitted diseases and infections. Proceeds from our LoveFest Miami Benefit Concert will go towards assisting Empower U and their mission.