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W38thStNYC Exhibit Opening Reception at 6th Street Container Gallery

W38thStNYC Exhibit Opening Reception at 6th Street Container GalleryFriday, February 21, 7pm-9pm - 6th Street Container Gallery, 1155 SW 6th Street, Miami

W38StNYC, a photo and video installation that simulates a lunchtime saunter down this block in the Fashion District, captures the atmosphere of the now-vanishing garment-producing neighborhood. Artists Diana Leidel and Cat Del Buono have teamed up to present ribbons of intimately-scaled digital images and videos that tell the story of Manhattan’s West 38th Street, from Seventh to Eighth Avenue, as experienced in the blink of an eye in a pedestrian’s daily routine. This block, at once gritty, glitzy and go-getting, populated by the humble, the striving and the super-successful fashion denizens, is at the heart of the relentlessly-paced fashion industry that has made New York a household word in style. The artists recorded what they observed as they walked down the block—at the busy late lunchtime period––using the minimal, least invasive technology of an iPhone and Flip Camera. They did no post-shoot manipulation, so that there was no aesthetic “intervention” in the final product. Each of the images and videos reflects a single moment that passed quickly, and documents the remorseless activity of the street that defines the Fashion District.  W38StNYC will be on display in Miami from February 21 to March 9.