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63rd Annual Vizcaya Ball

63rd Annual Vizcaya BallSaturday, November 23, 7pm-12am – Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami

Join the 63rd Annual Vizcaya Ball fundraiser for the continued preservation of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a National Historic Landmark. Rococo is a style known for its exuberant natural forms, and it is abundant at Vizcaya. First appearing in France and Italy in the 1730s, Rococo was considered light and intimate—and it was a bold, but apt, choice for a South Florida winter home. At Vizcaya, you’ll find Rococo design in the sinuous garden parterres, in the Reception Room’s painted plaster ceiling, and in the gilded foliage of the Music Room’s Venetian chandelier (opposite).

Rococo features have always infused Vizcaya with playfulness and joy, first for James Deering and his guests and now for our 300,000 visitors each year. Vizcaya’s rich tapestry of ideas, of which Rococo is a part, is also emblematic of our community’s vibrancy. And Rococo’s fusion of art and nature speak to Vizcaya’s deep relationship with and commitment to the environment around it. Come and revel in the surprise and drama of Rococo at Vizcaya, while supporting the estate’s preservation as an innovative community resource bridging past, present and future! #VizcayaBall