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Kai Guetta’s ‘Now Royalty’ Collection at LULU Labortorium

Kai Showcasing “Now Royalty” Collection at LULU LabortoriumThursday, March 27, 7pm-10pm – LULU Labortorium, 173 NW 23rd Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

A LA based street artist, Kai Guetta (nephew to Mr. Brainwash) unveiled a collection of work featuring urban musical ‘royalty.’ Coinciding with Miami’s Winter Music Conference, Kai’s exhibit, ‘Now Royalty,’ is a series of 27 original oil-on-canvas pieces featuring a diversity of urban music super stars donning classic royal attire. Framed in antique gold, period style frames, the over-sized pieces are near life-size for the subjects they portray. Jay Z & Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Diddy, Eminem, Drake and more are depicted in a way that represents the grandeur in which the public holds them today.

Kai is a young international artist, constantly surrounded by graffiti and street work and decided that this was his passion. At age 14, Kai was dedicated to get his father to quit smoking so he began his first street art campaign, ‘Morons.’ He plastered the city with this image and he gained more and more attention, earning a reputation in the street art community. At the age of 18, he was accepted into the most prestigious art schools in both the United States and France. He chose to attend CalArts and Ecole Nationale Superior Beaux Arts Des Paris. Kai followed with more work that addressed consumerism and society’s addictions. Kai’s work has been shown in worldwide galleries including Los Angeles Lab Art, New York Taglialatella, and this month at Lulu Laboratorium.

LULU Labortarium is one of Wynwood’s newest galleries, and is curated by visionary Elie Akiba, who has partnered with Amsterdam’s Urban Art House. The 10,000+ sq. ft. venue delivers a powerful explosion of playful wonder. A true unique art experience, the LuLu Labratorium is a combination of art in a variety of media, sculptures and neon as well as a selection of apparel and retail items. Meshing bold contemporary style with a youthful vigor, the gallery takes on electro-eclectic elements for a fun fresh look that draws from fashion and art. Though the gallery is dedicated solely to Kai’s work for the next few weeks, The LULU Labortarium quickly set itself apart from other galleries by the diverse and whimsical collection it shows, as well as a variety of retail items that range from limited edition bicycles, Marshall musical amps and apparel. For two decades, Elie Akiba has been a pioneer in championing the rising stars of fashion and showcasing their creations at the cutting-edge LULU flagship store in Bal Harbour.

Pictures by: Inamara Bellina