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“Recipes For Change”

Recipes For ChangeSaturday, October 14, 4pm-11pm – Casa Florida Restaurant, 437 Southwest 2nd Street, Miami

Some of the most renowned chefs and recognized culinary figures in Latin America and Miami are uniting for one important cause. Participating chefs will come together and rejoice in our magic city to grow awareness using their cultural backgrounds and craft to create “Recipes For Change” with the Special participation of Giselle Schreiner of “La Vida Orgánica.” After Hurricane Irma hit our home, it caused devastation all over Miami and hurt the people who make our lives possible. Many of our local farmers who support us every day have lost everything. These families built farms from bottom-up while dedicating their lives, love, effort and endless hard work to supply Florida restaurants with the freshest produce. Now, they are left with no choice but, to start from nothing. “Recipes For Change” is supporting the farmers who have been affected by Hurricane Irma where 100% of the money collected will be donated to families affected by these events. Guests can pay $25 for 6 bites and 1 drink or $50 for unlimited bites and 1 drink.