How long does it take UPS to investigate a missing package?

Generally, once your claim (including supporting documentation) has been issued, processing takes an average of 10 days. To help expedite the process, be as specific as possible when providing a merchandise description. If your claim includes a damaged item, you have the option of providing photo documentation.

Does UPS actually investigation lost package?

UPS requires the shipper to report any lost packages. Wait 24 hours AFTER the delivery window. Once the report is received, UPS will perform a package search. Package searches can take up to 10 business days.

How much will UPS pay for a lost package?

UPS provides all packages automatically with $100 worth of liability for loss or damage. A shipper can choose to declare a higher value for the shipment with an additional charge.

How does UPS investigate?

Usually it is done when a “tracer” comes down to the driver. The driver goes out and makes contact with the customer and asks if there was a problem with the delivery ie: broken, open, missing items. If the customer states they didn't receive the package then they sign the “tracer” stating that.

Do lost packages ever get found?

Yes they do get found. It really depends on why they're “lost”. Most lost packages are really cases where the label was destroyed and there was no packing slip or other way to determine who the contents came from or were going to. We know where the contents are but not the tracking number.


Who is responsible if UPS loses a package?

The short answer is: The seller, which means you, the business owner. Obviously, if you printed the wrong address on the shipping label, didn't include a return address, or poorly packaged the item, it's 100% on you to compensate the customer with a new shipment or a refund.

Is UPS notorious for losing packages?

As we highlighted above, it is incredibly rare for UPS to actually lose your package (not just have your package delayed somewhere throughout their infrastructure, but actually lost or stolen) – but they do have a specific process you can follow to get resolve things ASAP.

How long can a UPS investigation take?

Once your UPS claim with supporting documentation has been issued, processing takes on average 8-15 business days. Claims that have been approved and payment paperwork has been provided, processing generally takes between 3-5 days.

Will UPS refund for stolen package?

Generally, UPS will not reimburse a consumer if the package was delivered to a residence and then stolen. It will work with both the sender and the purchaser, as well as, law enforcement for a given claim. However, UPS will not issue a refund unless there's proof that it was responsible.

What is UPS suspicious package?

Overview. A suspicious package is a mail item of unknown contents which can potentially cause injury or destruction or is designed to appear threatening in nature.

What happens if UPS leaves a package and it is stolen?

File a Claim with UPS

You will need to indicate your status as a receiver, report a lost package, and include any documentation to support your claim. UPS claims that it typically takes them between 8 and 15 business days to investigate lost or damaged package claims.

What happens if UPS says delivered but no package?

Check exterior doors or other places your package could've been placed, like the porch, back patio or garage. Also check with anyone who may have picked up your package, like a neighbor. If you still can't find it, contact the seller to start a claim.

How do I win a lost UPS package claim?

Tips to Get Paid
  1. Notify us of the loss as soon as possible. ...
  2. Submit supporting documentation at the time of claim submission. ...
  3. Retain damaged merchandise and packaging and submit multiple pictures when filing the claim. ...
  4. Provide accurate contact details when you submit your claim so we can reach you if we have questions.

Is it a crime to steal UPS package?

introduced the Porch Pirates Act of 2022. Federal law already treats the theft of mail and packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service as a felony. The new legislation would expand the statute to include private carriers like UPS, DHL, and Amazon.

What happens when UPS issues a claim?

Once the claim has been approved, UPS will make a payment (to the shipper). UPS will pay either the replacement or purchase cost, whichever is less. UPS will also contact you if they refuse the claim.

Why does UPS always lose packages?

What can lead to a lost package. According to UPS, a box being too big or too small, lacking enough cushioning, poorly placed labels, and unclear delivery instructions can lead to lost packages. Reusing an old box and not removing old labels can also create problems.

How many UPS packages are lost each day?

NOW PLAYING ABOVE. Spate of missing packages at local UPS stores; one employee linked to 'multiple incidents' An estimated 1.7 million packages are lost or stolen every day across the country.

How does USPS investigate lost packages?

Here's how it works: the USPS processing centers send all their undeliverable mail to the Mail Recovery Center. They scan and open the packages to look for identifying info that may help get the package to its rightful owner—if the item has a value of $25 or more.

Can I sue if UPS lost my package?

You can sue, but if they are willing to pay, you have won your suit already. Payment for what they lost is what you would get if you win the suit.

Where does your package go if you miss UPS?

Your driver may make a second attempt on the next business day and a third attempt on the following business day, if necessary. Where available, your shipment may be taken to your nearest UPS Access Point location™ for collection. Refer to the information on the UPS InfoNotice® left by your driver.

Who pays for stolen packages?

If it appears that your package has been stolen, contact the seller or retailer that sold you the item. Retailers have different policies and processes for handling stolen items, but you're usually entitled to a refund or a replacement. Amazon covers most stolen packages through its "A-to-Z" Guarantee Protection.

What are 3 examples of a suspicious package?

Suspicious packages
  • Unfamiliar return address or none at all.
  • Strange odour or noise.
  • Protruding wires.
  • Excessive postage.
  • Misspelled words.
  • Addressed to a business title only (e.g. President)
  • Restrictive markings (e.g. Do not X-ray)
  • Badly typed or written.

What causes a package to be flagged?

Mail may be flagged if the letter or package is stained or is leaking. According to a USPS brochure, reused packaging and boxes are only acceptable when all markings and labels are removed or completely marked out.

What are the 4 C's when discovering a suspicious package?

When dealing with suspicious items apply the 4 Cs protocol: CONFIRM, CLEAR, COMMUNICATE AND CONTROL. a log of decisions and actions is maintained.

What are the signs of a suspicious package?

Suspicious packages or articles might have protruding wires, aluminum foil or oil stains visible, and might emit a peculiar odor. Suspicious packages or articles might have an excessive amount of postage. Letter bombs might feel rigid or appear uneven or lopsided.