What state has the least theft?

The states with the lowest auto-theft rates are:
  • South Dakota; 1,007 thefts; 118.0.
  • Wyoming; 603 thefts; 103.2.
  • West Virginia; 1,896 thefts; 102.5.
  • Pennsylvania; 13,040 thefts; 102.0.
  • Idaho; 1,661 thefts; 101.6.
  • Virginia; 7,665 thefts; 92.1.
  • New York; 15,736 thefts; 79.7.
  • New Hampshire; 857 thefts; 64.6.

What state has the lowest theft?


It does have the lowest property crime rate of any of the 50 states, though, with the lowest number of larceny-thefts (804 per 100,000), and the fifth-lowest number of burglaries and motor vehicle thefts.

What is the safest state for crime?

1. Maine. The state of Maine is ranked first on our list of the safest states in America. There are 73% fewer violent crimes per 100,000 people in Maine than in America as a whole, making it one of the safest states in the country.

What state has the least crime?

Vermont is the safest state in the United States, according to a new report from WalletHub. The ranking is based on 53 different indicators ranging from unemployment rates to assaults per capita. Vermont is followed by Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, and Hawaii, respectively.

What city in the U.S. has the lowest crime rate?

Key Findings:
  • The cost of crime per capita in U.S. cities was $1,836 in 2021, up 6% since 2020. ...
  • Naperville, Illinois, retained its No. ...
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, was the safest large city.
  • Mobile, Alabama, has the highest violent crime rate in the country, while Lakewood Township, New Jersey, has the lowest.

The most and least stolen cars in the U.S.

What state is easiest on crime?

The most friendly state for felons is Vermont, where no felons are disenfranchised and no voting restrictions. In the US, there are 5.17 million people disenfranchised due to a felony conviction.

What is the roughest city in America?

Memphis, Tennessee

The most dangerous city in the US is Memphis, Tennessee. With a population of 628,127, Memphis has a crime rate that is 237% higher than the national average. Memphis has 7,913 crimes per 100,000 people, with an exceptionally high violent crime rate.

What is the number one safest state?

Safest States in the U.S.
  1. Maine. With a score of 66.02, Maine is the safest U.S. state. ...
  2. Vermont. Vermont is the second-safest state in the U.S., with a score of 65.48. ...
  3. Minnesota. Minnesota is the third-safest state in the U.S. Minnesota's total score is 62.42. ...
  4. Utah. ...
  5. Wyoming. ...
  6. Iowa. ...
  7. Massachusetts. ...
  8. New Hampshire.

What state has the highest murders?

States with Highest Murder Rates

The state with the highest murder rate is Louisiana with a homicide rate of 22.9 per 100,000 people. The second state with the highest murder rate in the US is Missouri, with a murder rate of 18 murders per 100,000.

What is the most peaceful state in USA?

– Maine is the most peaceful state in the U.S. for the 11th year in a row, Louisiana is the least peaceful. The Northeast continues to be the most peaceful region with three of the five most peaceful states. The South is once again the least peaceful region in America, with four of the five least peaceful states.

Where is the safest place in America?

Coming in at the top of the list as the safest city in America is Columbia, Maryland. A planned community, Columbia is located between Washington D.C. and Baltimore and is a sister of The Woodlands in Texas, which was named the best place to live in America in a recent report.

What states have the most theft?

In 2021, the federal state of Texas recorded the most larceny-thefts in the United States, with a total of 452,357 reported cases. It was followed by Washington, with 164,309 reported cases of larceny-thefts.

Which state has the best life?

Ten States with the Best Quality of Life in 2022
  • Wisconsin. ...
  • Massachusetts. ...
  • Florida. ...
  • Louisiana. ...
  • Mississippi. ...
  • New Mexico. ...
  • West Virginia. ...
  • Alabama. Alabama ranks fifth in the nation for quality of living metrics due to trouble in its education, healthcare, and infrastructure systems.

What are the Top 5 crime states?

Read on to discover the ten most dangerous states in America based on violent crime rates between 2020 and 2022.
  • 10 Most Dangerous States in the US: 2022.
  • Alaska.
  • New Mexico.
  • Tennessee.
  • Arkansas.
  • Arizona.
  • Louisiana.
  • Missouri.

Who has the lowest crime rate?

#1. Iceland. Iceland is the safest country in the world according to the latest Global Peace Index data. The index is compiled by looking at a variety of factors, including the number of homicides, the level of violent crime, and the availability of small arms.

When was America's highest crime?

Crime rates have varied over time, with a sharp rise after 1900 and reaching a broad bulging peak between the 1970s and early 1990s. After 1992, crime rates began to fall year by year and have since declined significantly. This trend lasted until 2015, when crime rates began to rise slightly.

What American cities have the highest crime?

Most Violent Cities in America 2023
  • St. Louis, MO (2,082)
  • Detroit, MI (2,057)
  • Baltimore, MD (2,027)
  • Memphis, TN (2,003)
  • Little Rock, AR (1,634)
  • Milwaukee, WI (1,597)
  • Rockford, IL (1,588)
  • Cleveland, OH (1,557)

What cities have the most murders?

Cities with Most Murders 2023
  • St. Louis, MO (69.4)
  • Baltimore, MD (51.1)
  • New Orleans, LA (40.6)
  • Detroit, MI (39.7)
  • Cleveland, OH (33.7)
  • Las Vegas, NV (31.4)
  • Kansas City, MO (31.2)
  • Memphis, TN (27.1)

Which US city has the most violent crime?

Memphis unseated Anchorage, AK, which topped our list for the past two years. Here's why it ranks first: In Memphis, TN (our most dangerous metro), your risk of being a victim of a property crime is 1 in 27. Your risk of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 74.

Where is the best place to live with no crime?

Rankings for the safest cities to live
  • Glens Falls, NY. Population: 14,722. ...
  • Ridgefield, CT. Population: 25,011. ...
  • Midland, MI. Population: 83,445. ...
  • Port St. Lucie, FL. ...
  • McKinney, TX. Population: 202,690. ...
  • Frisco, TX. Population: 210,719. ...
  • Sunnyvale, CA. Population: 152,258. ...
  • Portland, ME. Population: 68,313. Median Household income: $61,695.

What state has the best jails?

The efficiency of a state's corrections system shows how a state handles crime and public safety. Hawaii ranks first in the nation for corrections. New Hampshire places second in this subcategory, followed by Vermont, Utah and Maine. Learn more about the Best States for corrections below.

Where is the cheapest safest place to live in US?

Here are some of the cheapest and safest places to live in the US!
  • Live in Boise, Idaho.
  • Affordable living in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Winston Salem, North Carolina: among the cheapest cities in USA.
  • Live affordably in Naples, Florida.
  • Enjoy Lexington, Kentucky.