Is El Paso friendly?

Not only is El Paso safe, but it is full of many things to do for all ages. Known as the largest metropolitan area along the border, El Paso is a friendly city with many great areas to explore and neighborhoods to call home.

Is El Paso a friendly city?

El Paso (population 687,700) consistently ranks as one of the safest big cities in America, with low rates of both violent and non-violent crime. You'll likely experience no issues as a visitor and will feel comfortable walking around town, even in the early morning and evening.

Is El Paso nice to live in?

Unmatched Safety

El Paso has a long history as one of the top safest large cities in the United States. With low crime numbers and highly-ranked schools, living in El Paso should be a peaceful and rewarding experience, as well as an exciting opportunity to enjoy great food, entertainment, and outdoor recreation.

What percentage of El Paso is black?

The largest El Paso racial/ethnic groups are Hispanic (81.6%) followed by White (12.4%) and Black (3.1%).

Is El Paso mostly Mexican?

El Paso, a city of nearly 700,000 people at the juncture of Texas, New Mexico and the Mexican state of Chihuahua, is 80 percent Hispanic, and the overwhelming majority are U.S. citizens.

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to El Paso, Texas. It's really a nice place for almost everyone.

What are some problems in El Paso?

Environmental Problems in El Paso
  • Air Pollution. El Paso shares an air shed with the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez. ...
  • Marine Pollution. Many toxic chemicals from industrial and agricultural sources find their way into the Rio Grande river. ...
  • Land Pollution.

Do people speak English in El Paso?

El Paso, Texas

Nearly 7 in 10 residents of El Paso speak a language other than English, and 39% of the population are bilingual. The most popular second language is Spanish, and 67% of residents speak it.

Why do people move to El Paso?

El Paso is a great place to live for those who like the outdoors. The metro area's proximity to the Rio Grande provides opportunities to whitewater raft, canoe and fish, while Franklin Mountains State Park and Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site are great hiking and rock climbing spots.

What part of El Paso is the safest?

If you're moving to El Paso, here are five safe, affordable neighborhoods to consider!
  • Album Park.
  • Castner Heights.
  • Cielo Vista.
  • Mesa Hills.
  • Montoya Heights.

Does El Paso have a homeless problem?

There are an estimated 809 homeless individuals in El Paso County Texas.

Why is it called Devil's Triangle El Paso?

Angel's Triangle was originally nicknamed the "Devil's Triangle" because of the shape of the area and the high crime rate. In the early 1990s, the area experienced high rates of drug dealing, prostitution and gang violence.

What is the safest city in Texas from crime?

Hutto. Hutto is a small town located on the northeastern edge of Austin and has a great reputation for being one of the safest cities in Texas.

What is El Paso famous for?

What is El Paso Known For? The city of El Paso is called “Sun City” because on average, it has 302 days of sun every year. El Paso is known for it's delicious Tex-Mex cuisine and because it's a border town to Juarez, Mexico.

How cold does it get in El Paso?

Average Temperature in El Paso

The cool season lasts for 2.9 months, from November 21 to February 17, with an average daily high temperature below 66°F. The coldest month of the year in El Paso is December, with an average low of 35°F and high of 59°F.

What is the nicer part of El Paso?

Referred to as an upscale community, the neighborhood of Silver Springs Village is home to some of the most desirable real estate in the city. Known for its diverse population and vibrant culture, this is one of the most welcoming and friendly neighborhoods in all of El Paso.

Why are people leaving El Paso Texas?

Jobs, family ties, climate and a city's strong identity — think New York City or Silicon Valley — are factors that could pull someone toward a city, Howard said. Factors like not being able to get a job or not feeling comfortable in a community may push people out of it, she said.

What areas to avoid in El Paso TX?

In general, the whole area to the east is to be avoided due to its less safe neighborhoods in the city; The area "Angel's Triangle" which used to be called " Devil's Triangle to the northeast of El Paso. This area is still to be avoided even though its crime rate has dropped considerably since the 90s.

Are there asians in El Paso?

The U.S. Census Bureau says people of Asian descent, which includes Indians, represent about 1.4% of the El Paso population, or about 12,000 people. While many El Pasoans leave town looking for better wages, many Indians move into the city because of the work opportunities.

What is the main religion in El Paso?

The Diocese of El Paso includes 10 counties in far West Texas with 61,376 registered families in 57 parishes and 20 mission churches. Seventy-eight percent of the population in the Diocese is Catholic, 81% is Hispanic, and 28% are immigrants.

What is a good salary in El Paso TX?

Most salaries in El Paso range between $32,078 (25th percentile) to $56,689 (75th percentile) annually. Of course, salaries will vary depending on your occupation, experience, and many other factors.

Why does it smell in El Paso?

EL PASO, Texas - Since August, sewage from two broken pipelines in west El Paso has caused foul odors to permeate around the area, frustrating locals who live there. West side residents have even seen sewage making its way into their own homes-even inside their bathroom tubs.

Why is the El Paso stay red?

The star is also shining red for Fire Prevention Week and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Red Ribbon week will be held from October 23 to October 31 and its the largest drug-prevention campaign aimed at teaching children about the dangers of drugs and to keep them from using illegal substances.

Does El Paso get earthquakes?

There are many active faults in the El Paso area, especially on the east side of the mountains. The Franklin Mountains continue to rise while the Hueco Bolson sinks. On average, an earthquake in the 3.0 to 4.0 magnitude occurs in El Paso every 10 years.

What language is spoken in El Paso?

Furthermore, nearly 70% of El Paso speaks Spanish, making it one of just 22 US cities and towns with more Spanish speakers than English speakers. El Paso is also the estimated 38th largest city with the most unauthorized immigrants, according to Pew Hispanic.