What is free in Italian?

è gratis!”

What does Scifo mean in Italian?

Schifo is how you say 'disgust', which is exactly what you'll provoke in most Italians by drinking milky coffee after noon. It comes from an early Germanic word that meant 'to frighten' – the same that gave us the English word 'eschew'. In Italian it's most commonly used as an exclamation… Che schifo! How disgusting!

What Alora means in Italian?

Well, at the risk of disappointing you, allora means, quite simply, 'then'. But of course, no word is quite as simple as it seems. Think about all the multitude of meanings 'then' can have in English: allora works the same way.

Why do Italians say niente?

The noun niente is the word Italians use to describe nothingness, non-existence or the void.

What is the difference between gratuito and libero?

'Gratuito' is monetary, 'libero' is about the ability to go somewhere at free will. I'm talking about a monetary transaction. For example, translate the following sentences: "If you want my services, you'll have to pay. I am not free.

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What does au gratis mean?

: without charge or recompense : free.

What is Mezzo Morte?

Mezza Morta! The Italian to English translation means 'half dead'. In my lifetime, living in an Italian family, this phrase has been used in the following ways: To describe how someone feels: A mother asks, “Carmela, how do you feel?” The response is, “ah, mezza morta!”

What does Po Po mean in Italian?

Translation of "popò" in English. nm. poop. poo.

Why do they say Prego in Italy?

It presumably is because of this original meaning (the verb “to pray”) that “prego” has become the instant reply to “grazie”, which means “thanks”. Once it presumably was an expression to wish someone well who had been nice to you, something like “I pray for your well-being”.

What does ugatz mean in Italian?

(inanimate) breast synonyms ▲ Synonyms: bular, titi. (inanimate) breastmilk.

What does gula mean in Italian?

sugar (sucrose from sugar cane or sugar beet and used to sweeten food and drink)

What does Soro mean in Italian?

to hurt, to be sore.

What is Zio in Italian?

noun. uncle [noun] the brother of a person's father or mother, or the husband of an aunt.

What does Cicci mean in Italian?

chubby {adj.}

What is mamoni in Italian?

He is what Italians call a mammone, which translates to “mummy's boy”. The term describes adult Italians who still live with their parents and they're far from uncommon.

What does Avoja mean in Italian?

Avoja! – This word means 'very much' or “a lot”. Dai – “come on”. In Romanesco it is often written as 'daje'.

Why do Italians say Grazia?

Grazie is thanks in Italian

The most popular and straightforward way to say thanks in Italian is a hearty grazie. This Italian word is a catch-all that covers both formal and informal situations with just about any audience.

What does Popo mean in Italian?

Noun. popò m (invariable) (childish) fecis, poo, poopoo synonyms ▲ Synonyms: cacca, pupù (colloquial, humorous, euphemistic) butt; bum, botty, tush synonym ▲ Synonym: sedere.

What do Italians call a baby?

The word bebè (masculine, invariable) is an affectionate way of saying baby or infant in Italian. It entered the language via the French bébé which itself comes from the English baby.

What is a Momo in Italian slang?

MOMO (MO MO) - Idiot.

What is Italian slang for hard head?

caparbio = stubborn, hard-headed.

What is the use of Poco in Italian?

Poco means “(a) little” or “few” and is the opposite of molto/tanto (a lot, much, many).

What is Morte Bianca?

Noun. morte bianca f (plural morti bianche) (chiefly in the plural) workplace death. (chiefly in the singular) SIDS death.

What does La Morte mean in Italian?

Italian: nickname literally meaning 'death' perhaps a nickname acquired by someone who had played the part of the personified figure of Death in a pageant or play for someone with a gloomy disposition or even for a gravedigger. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, 2022.

What does mezzo forte mean in Italian?

The Italian word mezzo means “moderately.” Musicians say mezzo forte to mean moderately loud and mezzo piano to mean moderately quiet.
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