What is the most happy word?

The happiest word: Laughter.

What is the most happiest word?

According to a report on the English language, "laughter," "happiness," and "love" are the three most positive words in English. A linguist discusses the happiest words and asks for your suggestions.

What are 10 happy words?

  • pleased.
  • delighted.
  • satisfied.
  • glad.
  • thankful.
  • thrilled.
  • joyful.
  • joyous.

What is a fancy word for happy?

cheerful, contented, delighted, ecstatic, elated, glad, joyful, joyous, jubilant, lively, merry, overjoyed, peaceful, pleasant, pleased, satisfied, thrilled, upbeat, apt, fortunate.

What words make people happiest?

To illustrate this problem, here are the top 20 words: laughter, happiness, love, happy, laughed, laugh, laughing, excellent, laughs, joy, successful, win, rainbow, smile, won, pleasure, smiled, rainbows, winning. Your favorite word—go! This story originally ran in 2012.

Learn TOP happy words and expressions | How to say HAPPY in English

What is the Old English word for happy?

Old English bliðe "happy" survives as blithe. From Greek to Irish, a great majority of the European words for "happy" at first meant "lucky." An exception is Welsh, where the word used first meant "wise." Happy medium "the golden mean" is from 1702.

What is a British word for happy?


If someone is "chuffed," they are very happy or delighted.

What's a word for beyond happy?

delighted. elated. euphoric. jubilant.

What are 4 positive words?

Examples of Positive Words
  • Grin.
  • Lucky.
  • Masterful.
  • Truth.
  • Useful.
  • Secure.
  • Diamond.
  • Ecstacy.

What are nice 5 words?

synonyms for nice
  • cordial.
  • ducky.
  • fair.
  • friendly.
  • good.
  • kind.
  • lovely.
  • okay.

What is the most beautiful word?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words
  1. 1 Sequoia (n.) (A seven-letter word that has the letter Q and all five vowels)
  2. 2 Euphoria (n.) A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness. ...
  3. 3 Pluviophile (n.) ...
  4. 4 Clinomania (n.) ...
  5. 5 Idyllic (adj.) ...
  6. 6 Aurora (n.) ...
  7. 7 Solitude (n.) ...
  8. 8 Supine (adj.) ...

What words make you smile?

Excellent, laughs, joy, rainbow, outstanding, butterflies, sunlight, kisses, weekends, cake, cheers, relaxing, Saturdays, cupcake, extraordinary, hilarious, moonlight, optimistic, peaceful, romance, internet.

What are some peaceful words?

  • quiet.
  • serene.
  • tranquil.
  • restful.
  • calm.
  • placid.
  • hushed.
  • silent.

What word is always unhappy?

morose Add to list Share. A morose person is sullen, gloomy, sad, glum, and depressed — not a happy camper.

What are 10 powerful words?

Intrigued by the power of words? We have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most powerful words in the English language.
Here are a few words you can use to have that same effect:
  • Attractive.
  • Alluring.
  • Brazen.
  • Breathless.
  • Breathtaking.
  • Captivating.
  • Compelling.
  • Crave.

What are very powerful words?

The 20 most influential words, via David Ogilvy
  • Suddenly.
  • Now.
  • Announcing.
  • Introducing.
  • Improvement.
  • Amazing.
  • Sensational.
  • Remarkable.

What are some amazing words?

The 30 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language
  • Sibilance. “Sibilance” refers to the distinctive hiss-like sound made by the letter S, or comparable sounds like a soft C. ...
  • Tranquility. ...
  • Loquacious. ...
  • Lagniappe. ...
  • Epiphany. ...
  • Plethora. ...
  • Vellichor. ...
  • Aurora.

What is the word for crazy happy?

euphoria Add to list Share. Use euphoria to describe a feeling of great happiness and well-being, but know that euphoria often more than that––it's unusually, crazy happy, over the top.

How do you say super happy?

  1. delighted.
  2. elated.
  3. euphoric.
  4. jubilant.
  5. thrilled.
  6. charmed.
  7. ravished.
  8. transported.

What word means supreme happiness?

Definitions of beatitude. a state of supreme happiness. synonyms: beatification, blessedness. types: enlightenment, nirvana.

What was Hello in Old English?

Bill Bryson asserts in his book Mother Tongue that "hello" comes from Old English hál béo þu ("Hale be thou", or "whole be thou", meaning a wish for good health; cf. "goodbye" which is a contraction of "God be with ye").

What are kindness words?

  • compassion.
  • sympathy.
  • generosity.
  • heart.
  • mercy.
  • kindliness.
  • pity.
  • kindheartedness.

What are three positive words?

Let's now have a look at these adjectives to describe people and their characters with positive vibes:
  • Adaptable.
  • Adventurous.
  • Amarous.
  • diligent.
  • Humble.
  • Courageous.
  • Efficient.
  • Enchanting.

What is a unique word?

To explain this very simply, a unique word is one that's unusual or different in some way. It might have a complicated history or interesting connections to another language. But, primarily what makes an English word interesting is its unusual spelling, pronunciation or meaning.

What is a beautiful word?

alluring, appealing, charming, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, elegant, exquisite, fascinating, fine, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, pleasing.