What toothbrush is better than Sonicare?

TL;DR: get an Oral-B toothbrush (we like the Oral-B 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush) if you're not looking to spend extra money on vanity. Oral-B offers the best value in brushing with near-identical mouth cleanliness as Sonicare.

What toothbrush do most dentists recommend?

Generally, soft-bristled, round-tipped toothbrushes are easiest and safest. Medium and hard-bristled brushes, if used incorrectly or too vigorously damage gums, root surfaces, and tooth enamel.

What is the highest rated toothbrush?

GUM 525E Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush

In our test, the GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush ranked best overall, thanks to its professional-grade cleaning power and 45-degree angled handle.

Is oral or Sonicare better?

Oral B vs Sonicare features: The winner

We think Sonicare has the edge, due to the fact that the Smart 9500 built-in pressure sensor informs you when you are brushing too hard. This toothbrush is also designed to supplement your dental regime, as the Sonicare is designed to whiten while brushing.

Why is Oral-B better than Sonicare?

Sonicare toothbrushes tend to feature more brush modes, better technology, and greater design. However, Oral-b is more affordable when compared to Sonicare. Additionally, Oral-B uses circular brush-heads that spin left and right witch people like better than the oval-shaped Sonicare brushes that move side-to-side.


What is the #1 electric toothbrush?

Best electric toothbrush overall: Philips Sonicare 4100

The 4100 has been around for many years, and we found it as comfortable, easy and effective to use as more expensive models, with simple, useful features like a pressure sensor and timer that make a big difference versus traditional manual toothbrushes.

What toothbrush does Kardashian use?

Kardashian West just revealed that she entrusts the care of her million-dollar smile to her “favorite oral care brand,” Burst. Not only does Kardashian use a Burst toothbrush, but so do her children.

Why do dentists recommend Sonicare?

Gum health has been known to improve after just two weeks of using a Sonicare electric toothbrush. That means inflammation and bleeding lessens in two weeks. The Sonicare is non-abrasive when used appropriately so there is less erosion to the tooth enamel. Healthy gums and less plaque means whiter teeth.

Is Sonicare recommended by dentists?

This brush can use over 60,000 brush strokes in a minute. It also provides a timer so you brush correctly. The brand has other models with a range of price points so you can choose the best one for you. Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes are highly recommended by dentists.

Which electric toothbrush gives the best clean?

The Best Electric Toothbrushes For a Better Clean
  • PhilipsSonicare 4100 Series Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Shop. Read More.
  • Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush. Shop. Read More.
  • Oral-B iO Series 9 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. Shop. Read More.
  • QuipRechargeable Electric Toothbrush. Shop. Read More.

What toothbrush do orthodontists recommend?

Many orthodontists recommend using a rounded brush head for brushing with braces. The round head can easily cover every bracket and its bristles can work around the bracket to help get the full area clean.

Which is better for gums Sonicare or Oral-B?

Moreover, 6 months' use of Sonicare led to actual improvement in probing attachment levels of periodontal pockets.” Here at Creekside Dental, our hygienists unanimously recommend the Sonicare over the Oral-B because we have also seen far better improvement in periodontal health when using the Sonicare.

Is Philips Sonicare worth it?

A sonic toothbrush may be a great investment in your oral health, as it can remove significantly more plaque from your teeth than other toothbrush options. Only you can decide whether the cost of the device is worth the benefits it provides, but we do recommend this type of toothbrush to our patients.

Does Sonicare or Oral-B remove more plaque?

Oral-B Triumph was significantly more effective in plaque removal than Sonicare (P < 0.0001). Compared to Sonicare FlexCare, the adjusted mean plaque reduction scores for Oral-B Triumph were 21%, 23% and 22% greater for whole mouth, marginal and interproximal areas, respectively.

What toothbrush do dentists use in office?

Is Rotadent® better than a conventional toothbrush? University studies have demonstrated the superiority of Rotadent® in removing plaque from teeth and along the gum line. It is designed like professional hygiene equipment used in the dental office and functions in the same manner.

What is the life expectancy of a Sonicare toothbrush?

The average life span of an electric toothbrush is 3-5 years. Some companies will offer a 60 day money back guarantee, if you're not satisfied with the product within 60 days, you can return it and get your money back.

Can Sonicare damage crowns?

Sonic vibrations in electric toothbrushes help loosen plaque, but they are not strong enough to loosen the cement from your dental crown.

How often should you replace Sonicare?

It is recommended to replace your Philips Sonicare Brush Head every three months of normal use (brushing twice a day) or when the blue indicator bristles wear out. One reason is because brush heads can get weary and will be less effective in removing plague.

Is vibrating or rotating toothbrush better?

Electric rotating-oscillating toothbrushes come with lower power than sonic toothbrushes, but due to the rotating head you can find them quite powerful in removing the plaque off your teeth. Sonic toothbrushes, on the other hand, are considered much more effective thanks to the high level of vibrations they provide.

Can Philips Sonicare damage gums?

The short answer? No, the electric toothbrush does not cause gum recession. It can exaggerate or accelerate recession, but this is as a result of user (human) error rather than the action of the brush.

Do I need to floss if I use Sonicare?

Do you have to floss if you use an electric toothbrush? Regardless of what kind of toothbrush you use — and how good your brushing technique is — it can't replace flossing.

What does Julia Roberts brush her teeth with?

It's baking soda. “I brush [my teeth] with baking soda,” she previously told InStyle per People. “[My grandfather] would put a big heaping mound of it on his toothbrush.

How does Kim Kardashian get her teeth so white?


Sands has said that the secret to Kim's beautiful smile is simply undergoing teeth whitening and Invisalign braces. According to Dr. Sands, Kim has teeth whitening twice a year to ensure a dazzlingly white smile. At age twenty-eight she also had Invisalign clear braces to straighten her misaligned smile.

What has Kylie Jenner had done to her teeth?

Has Kylie Jenner got veneers? Kylie got veneers at 18 years old, working with Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr Kevin Sands who's worked on Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe's teeth as well as Kendall's. Porcelain veneers can cost up to $2,000 (£1,600) per tooth.

What toothbrush does Kylie Jenner use?

BURST," Kylie said. "It keeps my teeth squeaky clean and it looks as good as it makes me feel.” Chrissy Teigen also loves this toothbrush. “When I first used BURST's Sonic Toothbrush I immediately fell in love!” she said.