What was the age difference between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts?

In 1999, their 18-year age gap was still steep, but maybe less stark considering Julia Roberts was no longer in her 20s. She was 31, and Richard Gere was 49 years old.

Did Richard Gere and Julia Roberts like each other?

Julia Roberts And Richard Gere Are Lifelong Friends

Behind the scenes, they are great friends. The List reports that, despite the fact that the two haven't appeared in a movie together since Runaway Bride in 1999, they have maintained their friendship.

How far apart in age are Julia Roberts and Richard Gere?

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts — he is 18 years older than her — were a favorite pairing, beginning with Pretty Women in 1990 and followed by Runaway Bride ion 1999.

What was the age difference between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in the proposal?

How much older is Sandra Bullock than Ryan Reynolds? Sandra Bullock is around 12 years older than her The Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds.

Is Sandra Bullock older than Julia Roberts?

Sandra Bullock is three years older than Julia Roberts, and can open a romantic comedy just fine, thank you, including one where she plays opposite a much younger actor.

Julia Roberts & Richard Gere's first meeting for Pretty Woman | Behind Closed Doors | REELZ

How old was Julia Roberts when she gave birth to her twins?

Roberts, 37, who was due in January, delivered the twins -- a boy named Phinnaeus Walter Moder and a girl named Hazel Patricia Moder -- in a Los Angeles hospital at around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, according to People magazine.

How old was Julia Roberts when she gave birth?

Julie Roberts Talks Struggles to Having First Baby at 42: 'It Was a Hard Journey'

What is Ryan Reynolds age difference Blake Lively?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: 11 years

The Deadpool actor was previously married to another much younger actress, Scarlett Johansson, who was eight years his junior.

Did Sandra Bullock get hypothermia in The Proposal?

Bullock almost drowned by taking one into the North Atlantic in 2009 to film a scene for “The Proposal.” After bobbing in the water for take after take, she went into hypothermia and couldn't breathe. “I'd put her toughness against any tough-guy actor out there,” said Todd Lieberman, a “Proposal” producer.

Was The Proposal actually filmed in Alaska?

Most of the shooting for The Proposal took place in various locations around Rockport, Massachusetts. The production staff spent some time prior to the filming transforming a portion of Rockport so that it mimicked Sitka, Alaska.

Who was originally offered the role of Edward in Pretty Woman?

The studio didn't have Roberts in mind to play the character opposite Richard Gere. The part was actually offered to Molly Ringwald. By the time casting for Pretty Woman was happening Ringwald had already starred in a few blockbusters including Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles.

Who turned down roles in Pretty Woman?

The filmmakers had a lot of trouble finding ANYone to play the role of Vivian, as she existed in the script for 3000. Michelle Pfeiffer and Daryl Hannah both turned it down, as well, with the idea being that it was just too dark.

Did Julia have a body double in Pretty Woman?

"Usually they'll put out a call for measurements," says Shelley Michelle, who was Julia Roberts's body double in the 1990 film "Pretty Woman." "But a lot of times they're looking for great legs or something like that."

Do Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts get along?

Another longtime friend and costar, Julia Roberts, loves that she can always count on him for genuine enthusiasm. “What doesn't change about Tom, he is as happy and excited as ever.

Do George Clooney and Julia Roberts get along?

Julia Roberts and George Clooney have a friendship for the ages! The pair first met in 2000, before they teamed up for Ocean's Eleven, and have since worked on a total of six movies together, most recently Ticket to Paradise. "We became instant friends," Roberts told Jimmy Kimmel of meeting Clooney for the first time.

Why did Julia Roberts turn down The Proposal?

Trivia (27) Betty White almost turned down her role in the film because filming would require her to spend ten weeks away from her golden retriever. Julia Roberts was the first choice to play Margaret but reportedly refused to take a pay cut, so Sandra Bullock took over the role.

How much was Sandra Bullock paid for The Proposal?

According to Forbes, Bullock made $56 million between June 2009 and June 2010, largely from The Blind Side and The Proposal. Seeing as Bullock was estimated to have made about $20 million from The Blind Side, we can assume she made a whopping $36 million from The Proposal, a rom-com co-starring Ryan Reynolds.

What movie does Sandra Bullock regret making?

She said, "I have one [that] no one came around to and I'm still embarrassed I was in. It's called 'Speed 2. ' I've been very vocal about it.

What famous couple has the biggest age gap?

10 celebs with the largest age gap relationships: Cher, George Clooney & more
  • Cher and Alexander Edwards: 40 years.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: 25 years.
  • George and Amal Clooney: 17 years.
  • Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford: 22 years.
  • Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form: 17 year.

What celebrities have the biggest age gap?

40 Celebrity Couples With Big Age Differences
  • of 40. George Clooney & Amal Clooney: 17 Years. ...
  • of 40. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: 11 Years. ...
  • of 40. Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone: 23 Years. ...
  • of 40. Jay-Z & Beyoncé: 12 Years. ...
  • of 40. Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas: 11 Years. ...
  • of 40.

What is the largest age gap between a couple?

Gertrude Grubb Janeway (USA, b. 3 July 1909), was 18 when she married 81-year-old Union Civil War veteran, John Janeway on 9 June 1927 – an age difference of 63 years. The last Union widow of a Civil War veteran, she died 17 January 2003 aged 93.

Who is the oldest actress to give birth?

Kelly Preston - Quite possibly the oldest celebrity to have a baby, John Travolta's wife welcomed a son at age 47.

Did Julia Roberts use IVF for twins?

Julia Roberts

The Oscar winner reportedly used IVF to conceive twins Hazel and Phinnaeus in 2004 (a rep for Robert denied this). Roberts and husband Danny Moder are also parents to son Henry, born in 2007.

Who paid for Julia Roberts birth?

When actor Julia Roberts turned 55 on Oct. 28, the story of how she came into the world began making rounds on social media. It turns out, civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, paid the hospital bill when Roberts was born in Smyrna, Georgia, in 1967.