Where is the 5 People You Meet in Heaven set?

The Five People You Meet in Heaven setting changes often. The two major settings are Ruby Pier and Heaven. One is where many of Eddie's memories take place, and the place where he dies, and the other is where he spends the afterlife.

Where is The Five People You Meet in Heaven set?

Throughout there are dramatic flashbacks where we see scenes from his troubled childhood, his years in the army in the Philippines jungle, and with his first and only love, his wife Marguerite. THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN is the perfect book to follow TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE.

Where is Ruby Pier located in The Five People You Meet in Heaven?

Ruby Pier Symbol Analysis. Ruby Pier is the amusement park on the ocean where Eddie works in maintenance for most of his life.

What is the setting for each person Eddie meets in heaven?

When Eddie is in heaven, which is the bulk of the novel and also where he learns the five lessons, he visits five different settings: Ruby Pier, the battlegrounds on which he fought in the war, mountains, various wedding receptions and a river.

What year is the 5 people you meet in heaven set in?


Eddie's childhood, early 1930's.

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Where is Eddie's heaven?

In the end, it shows that Eddie's Heaven is the Stardust Band Shell, where he met Marguerite.

What war was in The Five People You Meet in Heaven?

Mitch Albom's 'The Next Person You Meet In Heaven': Exclusive excerpt. EDITORS NOTE: "The Next Person You Meet In Heaven" is the sequel to Mitch Albom's best seller “The Five People You Meet in Heaven.” That book told the story of Eddie, a grizzled World War II veteran who thought his life was meaningless.

How is Ruby connected to Eddie?

Ruby feels connected to Eddie, as she was present in the shared hospital room when Eddie's father died. After Ruby died, she watched Eddie from heaven, and feels connected to the pain Eddie and others experienced at Ruby Pier, as she feels responsible for the park's existence.

What does the diner represent in the five people you meet in heaven?

Ruby's diner in Heaven represents the times before Ruby Pier existed, when she and Emile had their entire lives and a world of promise stretched ahead of them. It is also where Eddie learns to forgive his father.

Where is Chapter 8 set?

Where is Chapter Eight set? On a mountain range, in a diner.

Where is the Ruby Princess location right now?

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What pier is Ruby Princess?

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Who is at the pier at the end of five people you meet heaven?

Eddie goes to heaven, where he travels through many shifting colors until he meets the Blue Man, who was one of the “circus freaks” at Ruby Pier long ago. The Blue Man tells Eddie that in heaven, he will meet five important people who will each teach him a lesson about his life.

Where does Eddie meet Marguerite in heaven?

Chapter 9: The Fourth Person Eddie Meets in Heaven

The final reception Eddie sees appears to be in an Italian village. Eddie notices a young bridesmaid and knows that it is Marguerite. The chapter brings us back to Eddie's 38th birthday.

What were Eddie's last words to his father at the diner?

Left alone now, Eddie walks up to the diner window, and again watches his father sitting inside. Eddie's father still can't hear him, but Eddie speaks to him anyway. Eddie asks his father why he abused him so much, and tells him how much it hurt him. Then he tells his father his full life story.

What is the significance of Ruby in Eddie's life?

Ruby's husband was later hospitalized in the same room as Eddie's dying father, allowing Ruby to witness Eddie's father's dying words of regret. In heaven, Ruby tells Eddie the true story of how his father died saving Mickey, and teaches him the lesson of forgiveness.

What is Eddie's last lesson?


Why did Eddie curse his father?

After the death of Eddie's father, he secretly cursed him, for how he had treated Eddie and how Eddie was forced to take over his job at the pier.

Who is the 4th person Eddie meets in heaven?

The fourth person Eddie meets in Heaven is his wife, Marguerite. She is one of the few people he meets whom he knew in his life. The fourth person Eddie meets in Heaven helps him begin to see past his regret.

What causes the Blue Man's death?

After years of traveling, he settled permanently at Ruby Pier, where he found community and a sense of home. He died from a heart attack, caused by the shock from a young Eddie running into the street after a lost ball on his birthday. The Blue Man teaches Eddie that all lives are connected, even strangers.

What part of the Bible is the war in heaven?

In the New Testament of the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation describes a past war in heaven between angels led by the Archangel Michael against those led by "the dragon", identified as the devil or Satan, who was defeated and thrown down to the earth.

What was the name of the ride that killed Eddie?

It also had a big new ride called Freddy's Free Fall, and this would be where Eddie would be killed, in an accident that would make newspapers around the state.

Did Eddie save the little girl?

Eddie saves the little girl - We find out at the end of the novel that Eddie did save the little girl from the falling amusement cart. It is important to note the symbolism of this child's rescue.