Who has the fastest phone network?

Looking only at tests taken on a 5G connection, T-Mobile had the fastest median 5G download speed in the U.S. at 216.56 Mbps during Q4 2022, a moderate increase over 193.06 Mbps during Q3 2022. Verizon Wireless remained second, and saw a slight increase to 127.95 Mbps in Q4 2022. AT&T remained third at 85.39 Mbps.

Which is faster AT&T or Verizon?

Broadly speaking, Verizon offers better 4G LTE coverage, while AT&T currently has the edge when it comes to 5G (for the moment anyway). AT&T's prices are lower, and the company includes more high-speed cellular data with its unlimited plans.

Who is the #1 cell phone provider?

Verizon Wireless is our best cell phone provider for 2021, and has been at the top of our guide for the past three years. Why? It's one of the biggest, sure, but it gets superior scores for reliability, speed, and network coverage.

Who has the fastest 5G carrier?

T-Mobile is the leader in 5G, delivering the country's largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network.

Which cell phone provider has the strongest signal?

Verizon has the best cell phone coverage overall, spanning 70% of the country with its 4G LTE service. AT&T comes in second with 68%, and T-Mobile slides in at third with 62%.

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What's better AT&T or T-Mobile?

Overall, AT&T has better coverage than T-Mobile, thanks to its superior 4G LTE network. However, T-Mobile does beat out AT&T with its 5G coverage.

Who has the best cell service in USA?

Best Overall Verizon

Verizon's plan and device flexibility, combined with excellent business features, makes it the clear winner in our best overall cell phone provider category. In over 50 large cities, Verizon offers its 5G mmWave coverage, while its lower-band 5G has wider availability.

Is T-Mobile 5G better than Verizon?

T-Mobile Has Most Reliable 5G Network Over AT&T and Verizon, Say Two Studies. T-Mobile comes out ahead of other US carriers in recent Umlaut and Ookla network studies.

Is T-Mobile 5G as fast as Verizon?

As coverage varies across the three major carriers, so do 5G speeds. T-Mobile boasts the greatest coverage, but its peak upload and download speeds generally lag behind Verizon. Conversely, Verizon's 5G network features the least coverage but remains extremely fast.

Who has the strongest network in USA?

Verizon has the most nation-wide coverage, while AT&T and T-Mobile are neck and neck, and Sprint is far behind coming in last place. The group of four major cell phone providers in the U.S. is known as the Big Four, and it includes Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.

What carrier is better than Verizon?

Verizon and T-Mobile are the two of the biggest and most reliable carriers in the U.S. While Verizon boasts the nation's best 4G LTE network, the Un-carrier touts the widest 5G footprint. Generally speaking, Verizon gets you better urban and rural coverage, whereas T-Mobile delivers 5G in more places.

Which is the No 1 mobile network in USA?

Largest U.S. wireless providers

Verizon: 142.8 million (Q2 2022) T-Mobile US: 110.0 million (Q2 2022) AT&T Mobility: 101.8 million (Q2 2022) Dish Wireless: 8 million.

Who has better 5G coverage?

5G Coverage Analysis: 5G vs 4G LTE. When comparing carrier 5G coverage maps, T-Mobile comes in first with the best 5G network overall at 53.79% nationwide coverage, AT&T slides in at second at 29%, Verizon is in third at 12.77%, and U.S. Cellular clocks in at just 1.8%.

Is it worth switching to AT&T from Verizon?

It really comes down to small differences in price and perks. AT&T's plan is $5 cheaper, but Verizon's will get you a six month subscription to Disney+. Also, while AT&T's Unlimited Starter plan gives you free 5G access, Verizon's Start Unlimited plan does not. You'll have to pay $10 a month if you want access to 5G.

Is T-Mobile faster than AT&T?

AT&T: Data speeds. Overall, including LTE and 5G networks, T-Mobile delivers faster data speeds than AT&T, according to network testing site, Ookla. T-Mobile delivered median speeds of 116.54 Mbps download speeds in Q2 2022, while AT&T is significantly slower at 54.64 Mbs.

Is Verizon better than T-Mobile and AT&T?

Verizon leads with the fastest 1,000+ Mbps speeds if you have 5G UWB coverage, but T-Mobile has greater availability at the moment with its more moderately fast mid-band 5G.

Why is my T-Mobile 5G phone so slow?

Technically. So, why are some 5G connections so slow? The first, and most impactful, reason is that the far-reaching 5G signals that have powered the vast majority of carrier rollouts in the US – especially from AT&T and, to a lesser extent, T-Mobile – have used low-band carrier frequencies.

What makes T-Mobile the fastest network?

We built a 5G network using dedicated 5G frequencies, and other carriers can't match our nationwide coverage. Plus, with our Ultra Capacity 5G, we're amping up performance—bringing faster 5G speeds to more places across the country.

Which network is faster Verizon or T-Mobile?

Faster speeds. T‑Mobile has over 4x more 5G coverage vs. Verizon, and 5G speeds nearly 2x as fast as AT&T and Verizon. Typical download speeds on T‑Mobile's nationwide 5G network are 75 – 335 Mbps with peaks over 1Gbps. Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas.

Is T-Mobile 5G slower than LTE?

Still, while T-Mobile's low-band 5G service using 600 MHz was easier to find across all five cities, results didn't look that much different than its 4G LTE speeds. T-Mobile's fastest 5G speed of 147.8 found in Chicago, was much slower than Verizon in the city, and slower than its own 4G LTE maximum of 235.5 Mbps.

How good is the T-Mobile network?

For most Americans, T-Mobile's coverage is excellent. A mere 8% difference in nationwide area coverage between the first- and third-place networks is very little in terms of population coverage. As mentioned, T-Mobile provides network service to 99% of Americans, offering fast 4G LTE speeds and broad 5G coverage.

Who has the fastest 5G network 2022?

Telenor is Norway's Speedtest Awards Winner for 5G mobile network speed during Q3-Q4 2022. To win this award, Telenor achieved a Speed Score of 244.74, with median download speeds of 262.36 Mbps and median upload speeds of 34.97 Mbps.

Who is the #1 wireless carrier?

The cell phone company AT&T is the leading provider of mobile services in the United States (U.S.) with a market share of about 44.8 percent of wireless subscriptions in the third quarter of 2022.

Is Verizon really the best service?

Drive testing done by RootMetrics has consistently rated Verizon's coverage above that of competitors, most recently in the second half of 2021, but Opensignal's crowdsourced app testing also rated Verizon tops in 4G coverage in January 2022.