Why did Eddie's mom give him pills?

Eddie, obsessed with taking his prescription medications and keeping his hands clean, is the victim of his mother's Munchausen syndrome by proxy, who has kept her son on a strict regimen of pills for his entire life.

Why did Eddie's mom give placebos?

Unfortunately, Eddie is a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy with his own mother as the abuser. This means Mrs. Kaspbrak has been faking all of Eddie's illnesses in order to have unlimited control over him. Even his asthma inhaler is a placebo or "gazeebo" as the 2017 version of Eddie so hilariously puts it.

What did Eddie's mom do to him in IT?

It (2017): Eddie's mother was smothering him because she was resisting It's influence. Eddie's mother is (rightly) seen as overprotective and even engages in some serious Munchausen syndrome by proxy ("they're GAZEBOS!").

What pills did Eddie take in IT?

In the book (IT (book), Eddie is described as the shortest of the group, has a thin, delicate-looking face, grayish blue eyes and briefly mentioned to have a flattop haircut when Mr. Keene tells him his asthma medication, HydrOx, is a placebo.

What happens to Eddie's mom?

Sonia passes away sometime after the events of the summer of 1989. She appears in a flashback Eddie has when he goes to the pharmacy's basement during his search for his token, where she is tied to a chair, before being attacked by It in the form of the Leper, though Eddie is unable to save her.

IT - Eddie They're Gazebos Scene HD (1080p)

How did Eddie get pregnant?

The story features the alien symbiote becoming "pregnant" while Eddie Brock was his host, giving birth to the Sleeper symbiote. As detailed in Venom #164, Eddie had a nightmare about the alien's symbiote children. He woke up screaming, then vomited, much like an expectant parent would, hinting at what was to come.

Did Eddie marry his mom in IT?

She's only onscreen for a minute, but IT Chapter Two reveals that Eddie Kaspbarak went on to marry a woman exactly like his mother, literally. Of the Losers' Club members, Eddie is often one of the least interested in embarking on dangerous adventures.

Why is Eddie's mom so overprotective?

IT (novel)

Her husband, Eddie's father, died of cancer in 1951, and since then Sonia has kept Eddie on a short physical and psychological leash, almost to the point of deliberately weakening him to maximize her level of control.

Is Beverly's dad abusive in IT?

IT (2017 film)

Unlike the novel or miniseries, Alvin is sexually abusive towards his daughter, Beverly. After she came home from the pharmacy, her father shows up in front of her and passionately sniffs her hair. This cause Beverly to have an emotional breakdown and cuts off her ponytail.

What's Beverly's fear in IT?

Of all the members of the Losers Club, Bev has the most rational fear. While the boys fear monsters and imaginary things, Bev is afraid of her own biology. Despite it being inevitable, she is terrified of growing up.

What secret did Richie have in IT?

Richie's sexuality

In the adaptation of It Chapter Two, Richie is portrayed as being secretly in love with Eddie Kaspbrak until the latter's death, and Eddie remained unaware of these feelings.

Did Beverly sleep with the boys in IT?

This would lead to one of the biggest Stephen King book controversies: after the Losers become lost in the sewers trying to make their way back to the surface, in IT Beverly decided to have sexual intercourse with all the boys from the Losers Club. This allowed them to remember the way back so they could make it home.

Why did Beverly cut her hair in IT?

We meet her being bullied in the school bathroom. Her father assaults her in the bathroom at her house, and it's there that she cuts her hair to try to ward off his sexual attentions.

What is Eddie Kaspbrak afraid of?

The leper is representative of Eddie's fear of disease. When seeing the leper, Eddie felt that if it had touched him he would instantly catch every disease that it had and rot from the inside out.

What is the placebo effect?

What is the placebo effect? The placebo effect is when a person's physical or mental health appears to improve after taking a placebo or 'dummy' treatment. Placebo is Latin for 'I will please' and refers to a treatment that appears real, but is designed to have no therapeutic benefit.

What mental illness does Eddie's mom have?

What mental illness does Eddie's mom have? Some spoilers for It (movie, 2017) are below. His phobia seems to stem from a mental illness his mother suffers from known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy, which manifests in her relentless “worrying” about his health.

What killed Eddie's father?

Eddie's father dies from pneumonia, which he caught while saving his friend Mickey Shea during an ocean storm.

What did Eddie's father do to him?

As Eddie grew older, his father would lash out at him and Joe whenever he was frustrated or drunk. Yelling at his mother to stay out of it, Eddie's dad would throw things or hit them with a belt. This was the damage of violence.

What happens to Bill's wife in It?

However, Pennywise has already taken Bill's wife Audra and put her under the influence of It's deadlights, causing her to fall into a state of catatonia. Even after defeating Pennywise, Audra remains in a catatonic state until Bill takes her on a bicycle ride, causing her to come out of her paralysis.

Who is Eddie in love with It?

We learn that Richie Tozier, the fast-talking, foul-mouthed teenager (played by Finn Wolfhard) who grew up to be a popular stand-up comedian (Bill Hader) is gay and has been secretly in love with his friend and fellow club member Eddie Kaspbrak (played as an adult by James Ransone).

Did Venom impregnate Eddie?

In the comics Venom describes their bond as being like marriage, he tells Eddie he loves him and Eddie calls him “darling” and “my love”. Plus they literally have a child together. Yes.

How did Venom have a son?

Dylan Brock is the son of Eddie Brock and Anne Weying. When Anne bonded to the Venom symbiote, she somehow became pregnant with Dylan. He was created by the symbiotes in order to destroy their god Knull and sever him from the hive-mind.

How is Carnage Venom's son?

While in prison, Venom produces an offspring named Carnage. (He reproduces asexually, in case you were wondering.) Venom doesn't tell Eddie about it, and Venom and Eddie escape prison. Once they're gone, Carnage bonds with Cletus.
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