Why does the muscle under my breast hurt?

Some possible causes of this pain include injuries, infections, muscle strain, inflammation, and gastrointestinal issues. A strain or injury are common causes of pain under the right breast, and the pain usually gets better on its own.

What does a pulled muscle under the breast feel like?

Common pulled chest muscle symptoms include: Pain in the chest that may be sharp or dull. Pain in the chest that gets worse when you move your chest or upper spine. Difficulty moving the chest or affected area.

What do you do when you have pain under your breast?

For pain, your doctor will likely recommend over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like acetaminophen (Tylenol). Relaxation techniques (such as imagining a calm, serene scene) to reduce anxiety may be helpful. Improving posture (sit with head up, shoulders back) will keep the chest cavity open and reduce pinching.

Why is the muscle under my breast sore?

Causes include an injury to the rib cage, heavy lifting, an infection, and arthritis. Experts note, however, that it often has no identifiable cause. Your doctor may recommend OTC or prescription-strength pain relievers and anti-inflammatories or steroids. Heat and cold therapy and bed rest will help relieve the pain.

Why does my rib cage hurt under my breast?

Costochondritis: The Most Common Cause of Breast Pain

Perhaps the most common cause of localized “breast pain” is costochondritis – inflammation in the ribs behind the breast. This may be due to increased physical activity or trauma, but often there is no known cause.

Pain Under Left Breast: Causes And Symptoms

How do you know if rib pain is muscular?

Symptoms of intercostal muscle strain include: Pain: You may feel a sharp pain at the time of injury, or it may come on more gradually. The pain will get worse when you twist, stretch, breathe in deeply, cough, or sneeze. Tenderness: The area of the strain between your ribs will be sore to the touch.

How do you get rid of muscle pain under your ribs?

  1. Applying an ice pack or cold pack, followed by heat therapy. ...
  2. Resting and limiting all physical activity for a few days to allow time for the muscle strain to recover.
  3. Taking pain medications to reduce swelling and pain. ...
  4. Splinting the area if breathing is painful by holding a pillow against the injured muscle.

Can you pull a muscle under your boob?

If you pull a muscle under your breasts, you'll know something is wrong almost immediately. Although it can take a little while for any swelling to occur, the discomfort will be obvious in a matter of seconds. These are some of the symptoms you might experience: Tenderness.

What muscle is located under the breast of a female?

The pectoral muscle passes underneath the breast and connects the chest and the arm.

What muscle is under my boob?

The pectoral muscle lies against the chest wall underneath both breasts, giving them support. Blood vessels provide oxygen to the breast tissue and carry away waste.

How long does a pulled breast muscle take to heal?

Mild pulls may heal as soon as two or three weeks after injury. More serious strains can take months to heal, especially if you've had surgery. Follow any specific instructions your doctor gives you for the best results.

How long does a pulled breast muscle last?

How long can a muscle strain in the chest last? This depends on the severity of the strain. If your strain is mild, expect it to resolve within a few days or weeks. Severe strains can take 2 months or longer to heal.

How do you stretch the muscles under your breast?

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Interlace your fingers behind your back and straighten your arms. Keep your chest lifted and pull your shoulder blades downward. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat 3 times.

How do you massage the muscles under your breast?

Place four fingers on the top and bottom of one breast. Apply gentle pressure while moving the fingers of both hands in smooth, circular motions. Position the fingers on each side of the same breast and continue to massage in a circular pattern. Repeat on the other breast.

Why does my left rib under my breast hurt?


The lungs are surrounded by a layered membrane called the pleura. If the pleura surrounding the left lung become inflamed due to infection or another cause, the resulting pain will develop under the left breast. More severe causes of pleurisy include rheumatoid arthritis and lung cancer.

Why do the muscles around my rib cage hurt?

Straining of the intercostal muscles - These are the muscles that connect the ribs and expand and contract when we breathe; like any other muscle in the body, these can become inflamed and cause us pain. Pain through a muscular strain will tend to occur when taking deep breaths.

Is intercostal muscle strain serious?

Intercostal muscle strains are generally not very serious, but other forms of chest pain can be. Seeing a healthcare provider can help rule out other conditions to confirm that your chest pain is only coming from a muscle injury.

Why does it feel like I pulled a muscle in my ribs?

Your intercostal muscles are the muscles between your ribs. They allow your ribcage to expand and contract so you can breathe. But if they stretch too far or tear, intercostal muscle strain is the end result. You can strain the intercostal muscles suddenly or by doing certain movements over and over.

When should I be worried about rib pain?

Contact your doctor immediately if you experience severe pain when breathing in or moving your body into a specific position, or if you have any difficulty breathing. If you feel pressure or have pain in your chest along with rib cage discomfort, call 911.

What does rib inflammation feel like?

Is sharp, aching or pressure-like. Affects more than one rib. Can radiate to arms and shoulders. Worsens when taking a deep breath, coughing, sneezing or with any chest wall movement.

Why do I feel a knot under my breast?

Research shows that cysts are the most common causes of breast masses, or lumps, and other breast symptoms. A cyst might be accompanied by tenderness and may change with your menstrual cycle. They tend to feel soft and smooth. But when they form deep within breast tissue, they can feel hard.

Why would I have pain under my right breast?

Common causes of pain under your right breast include costochondritis, pleurisy, or a gallbladder attack. It may also be caused by a hernia, strained muscles, or damaged ribs. Talk with your doctor if you experience pain under your right breast.

What organ is right up under your right breast?

Just under the right side of your rib cage lie several important organs, such as the pancreas, gallbladder, right kidney, and parts of your liver, and small and large intestines. Experts divide the abdomen into four quadrants, and the upper quarter on the right-hand side is the RUQ or right upper quadrant.

Are there lymph nodes under your breast?

Axillary lymph nodes are located near the breasts. This means they are often the first location to which breast cancer spreads if it moves beyond the breast tissue. The number of axillary lymph nodes can vary from person to person. Typically, a person has 20–30 axillary lymph nodes.

Why does my breast hurt when I press it?

Hormone shifts

This sensitivity is known as cyclic mastalgia or fibrocystic changes. Around 50 percent of all women over the age of 30 experience this. Right before your period starts, your breasts may feel especially tender if you press on them, or they may ache.